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Yeah , I switched from iOS to android as I became royally pissed off with it . Never looked back . There are ways of downgrading the iOS but I think I just read there you can’t go back to any versions beyond 11 .
Rule of thumb for me was with apple was to wait about a week before upgrading the software . Read reviews of the update & then decide !


Same here, I’m lucky enough to have a work phone, but its hard getting an upgrade. iPhone 6 is pure shit at the moment since I went to iOS 11.


It’s very annoying. I don’t like the android OS but tempted to change away from apple, this phone is only 2 years old, it should not be this slow. If i upgrade Phone again i’m just going to switch off upgrades. Even my desktop is constantly updating and seems to be slowing down all the time. Stop jaysus updating ffs.


I find after about 2 years with any of my phone’s they begin to slow down . Isn’t it just a pure coincidence that the contracts are 18-24 months now , just when the phones are deteriorating :thinking:.
Yeah , software upgrades can be annoying . Ya live & learn !

If you have everything backed up , pictures , phone numbers , etc I’d do a factory reset on it & restore it to the original software it came with it . Formatting a phone can remove alot of garbage that’s slowing it down .


Oh you big cynic*

*probably right yea.


I’ll try this here to see if any of you geniuses can help. I’m far from an apple fan, have never had an iPhone or a mac so know very little about them. My son was given an old macbook Mac OS X Version 10.6.8 last year but he can download very few games because most of games give the error that Mac OS X Veriosn 10.7.4 or later is required.
So there are software updates available but when I try to install I keep getting software quit unexpectedly error. Having a look around I found that the below works for some people, but its not working for me and I cant find anything else


What year is the Mac? Look for the model number, because it could be a case that it is to old. Click on the apple symbol top left hand corner and select about this Mac and pm me if ya the serial number I can check all the details on the MacBook.


Apple came out and admitted they purposely stop support and updates for older handsets etc…


I had an S5 which was almost 4 years old. It was extremely laggy and slow. I had to uninstall a lot of apps for the phone to function with some normality.


Yeah I formatted the old one I had & just use it a smaller tablet now connected to the WiFi in the gaff .


Hmm , good move on their behalf :unamused:


Have you looked at a case yet? Any good ones caught your eye?


Purchased this.

If that isn’t great I will pick this up


Not sure of the colour scheme on that first one…

Hard to pick out a decent one online, need to have a feel of it in hand.


I ordered the cover with one colour not the two tone.


Just fuckin with you. Let me know what it’s like, have a feeling I’ll drop this soon.


HAve that one ear marked on eBay very nice


Has that arrived?


No not yet. Hopefully soon as it is quite a slippy phone.


Indeed, an accident beckons.

Let me know how it goes as I need to get one ASAP.