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:grin::grin::grin: might be an idea alright


Had that before with pop server issues .
Its very fickle alright


But it seems to be retrieving the mail alright, if I open the gmail app any new mail are there straight away, doesn’t need to refresh which I think would suggest it’s a notification rather than pop issue???


Have ya tried deleting the 3 accounts & reinstalling them from scratch .


Download inbox from Google it will manage your three accounts and you can adjust the notification settings there


BTW is anybody else having problems with posting on the mobile version of the site?


It’s only 1 of them that’s not working, I have tried deleting that one and putting it on again but didn’t work for me. The others are all working fine!

Cool, I’ll try that and see how it goes, thanks!


Yes , its acting up at times .


I deleted Clean Master off it & its reacting alot quicker to apps loading up . There might be life in it yet .


Any suggestions for a mobile phone. I lost mine yesterday and have a while left on the contract with no insurance. Second hand refurb jobs any use to tie me over etc


Myself and @_TL are using Xiaomi MiA1 a hell of a phone for 239. Dual SIM running the vanilla Android one which means a clean os without none of the shite. I would highly recommend.


Have it myself. Great piece of kit for the price.


Have to say I like Xiaomi tech, have their Android streaming Mi Box and it’s top notch. Looking at getting their Mi Band 3 fitness tracker.


I concur.


Can we not agree to use simpler, layman’s words?


Not enough Ressers buying their phones.


I went out and bought the Mi A1 at the weekend … seems decent but having been used to the Samsung there are diffs that take getting used to.


is it the software or hardware that your finding the difference?


Fuckers better not go bust till they ship my Mi Band 3 with a global firmware installed or I’ll wreck the gaff or even get Rico to send them a strongly worded email to put them in their place.


ahh basic enough stuff like navigating around it or looking for the gallery for photos taken etc. Bigger picture stuff like storage and screen etc looks very good for the price