The Game


Taped this last night, anyone watch it?



Nice to see Anna Geary get another show about herself. :roll_eyes:


She is carving out a nice little career for herself.


Watched it last night. Brilliant programme, Seán Óg had me welling up. Coverage of the 1931 AI was amazing, and interview with KK lad (I’m from the Church of Tullaroan and I’m 99 1/2).


RTE 1 TV. NOW LADS! Documentary on hurling. Part 1 of 3.

Hurling Championship 2018

Nice one, will catch that on +1


Interesting first episode to the RTE hurling documentary. Lot of interesting facts & footage. Hard to know however what story it is they’re trying to tell. Very much back and forward through different eras with no particular theme or storyline connecting the different chapters as they called them.


There is a clear plan. Two threads concurrently. One going from the time of Cuchulainn onwards. The other, interviewing people about what hurling means to them today.


Did Michael Duignan cry about beating a Dublin development squad in a league game in January again?


They couldn’t film him he was so distraught.


Really enjoyed it … great mixture of new and old footage.

One question…maybe I missed it getting a cuppa…but did they mention bloody sunday?.


They been mentioning noting but bloody Sunday for the last three days. And it was all bloody Saturday before that …


Hurling’s really great though isn’t it? Really really great. I know I’ll get stick for this


When we were kids we’d lash a ball of tin foil around with sweeping bush handles. Little did we know that we were actually playing a variation of the best game in the world … ever.


Not from me…its great but maybe seems all the greater due to the shite served up by football code at moment


Nah its always been the best game, like, for evah. Football is just tolerated. Except when Dublin are winning. Even some Dubs can’t tolerate it then. Wannabe culchies


Nice to see her fullstop :wink::wink:


Haven’t seen her fullstop. Is it nice?


I found it very similar to a series called a part of what we are narrated by Mick Lally a few years back. It’s a different more emotional type of paddywhackery imo. Deliberately set to pull at certain strings and in that sense it works. But once you’ve seen one of them you’ve seen them all.