The Good TV Thread


I saw some of the first show. That really highlights the level of corruption that existed (and still prevails, maybe?) within UK police forces. Think South Yorkshire Police (Hillsborough). Think Police forces investigating the Birmingham and Guildford bombings (neither of which those actually responsible have been found guilty - instead they pin it on innocent people which also leaves the relatives of the victims without justice). Think the RUC.


Watched ‘Back to the Joy’ on RTE player the other night, decent enough, good to see where all the wardens from back there are now. The living conditions in the cells were shocking back then, a lot better now.
Big Walking dead fan too but find some of the episodes are fillers. Good end to this series though.



Best quiz around. Luv pax mans mush when someone doesn’t know his Richard Strauss from his johan .


Thought it was abit of an anti climax myself . Would have preferred a more gruesome or shocking death . But setup for next season nicely .


Yeah I enjoy it. If I can answer one question I’m chuffed for the week.


For the maths questions just answer 0 1 or pi( as in 3.14 not chicken & mushroom). You be surprised how often that works.


Only Connect is decent as well, tricky as hell.


That’s a novel approach.


That’s good too, although her edgy sense of humour (which I enjoy) can seem out of place.


Good quiz.
Far less challenging but enjoyable quiz is Pointless.


The episode if HIGNFY on Friday 13th was presented by Victoria Coren. She likes showing her cleavage. David Mitchell must have a great tongue.


Ah we’re better than that Beeko…
( in public at least )


Feck that!


Ah here, but yes.


The James Acaster - Repertoire stand up shows on Netflix are absolutely brilliant IMHO


He’s a brilliant comic.


I think he’s class.


Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but “The Defiant ones” on Netflix is excellent. Tells the story of Jimmy Iovine and Interscope records. He’s had an illustrious career to say the least


He had a memorable appearance on Would I Lie To You? last year.