The Good TV Thread


His profile on the world stage has soared this last year . He wasnt on many peoples radar before this year & he has become a super star whatever way you wanna gauge it.


Because he’s in the Prem League. Superstar, in his Mummy’s photo album (two puns in two posts, what a coup!)

Which ‘United’ is it that you follow BTW? I’m curious to know.


So your saying hes not a superstar . Even though hes in the shakeup for the Ballon Dor which is given to the world player of the year .I’d say that makes him a superstar alright .


How meaningful is that, really? Great player obviously, this year. But bit premature to be a bona fide superstar. It doesn’t mean much to call somebody that these days




OK what? Like I said, great player this year. Superstar. Whatever you want to call him.


Not just me :kissing_closed_eyes::smirk:


Sure The Carpenters had a song called Superstar. About someone who wasn’t in their group, and was never heard of again


:joy:, yeah ok , your in one of your moods again Al :wink:

Did ya check out that clip of the kildare march yet :yum:


Ah here, are you trying to kill yourself?


Trying NOT to kill myself apparently. Doesn’t feel like it. Feel worse today than I usually do after the usual 7 or 8 cans the night before!


I used to be like that but now I’m a new man. Just replace the cans with bottles.


Na, I prefer the cans, there is a twang off he bottles, I just end up pouring 2 bottles into a pint glass and counting that as one…


Get bigger bottles.


I’d still count 2 of them as 1 drink, its all in my head


As they say, it’s not the fall that kills you but the sudden stop.


I’m not stopping the gargle altogether, but needed a cutback. No more midweek gargle. Might have a few at the weekend…


I can take or leave a gargle to be honest but my hit of crack cocaine in the evening I cannot do without.


Ah jaysus, I’m not going all out, I’m going to keep taking the benzos too


Most def.