The Good TV Thread




I’m always in a mood, around you.
Indeed an I didn’t watch that, hit the crossbar? Really? That’s clutching at sticks. I recall Dublin teams hitting numerous woodwork in many famous defeats and not getting an iota of sympathy, not outside or in.
How often do/did you hear anyone talking about Louth since about a year or so after they were actually, literally robbed of a L. title?





Remember we used have an “ignore user” function on the old site?
That was invaluable.


Why would I ignore that which gets me in the mood? Rather bovine intervention there by your standards 'Arry.


It’s you I’d be ignoring.

Feel free to reciprocate.


Watched it over the last 2 days and really enjoyed it. as you say some very good twists in it.


Funny that, you referred to a conversation that didn’t involve you. If you want to ignore then why not just do it? Not sure what your issue is Tilesy.


What mood is that exactly ?


I refer you to my previous reply.
Take care.


You’re not very good at ignoring Tilesy. Need to stick your fingers deeper in your ears and screw your eyes shut tighter.


You need to ask?


Go ahead :yum:




Ya cant leave me hanging like that Al !
You made the comment , explain yourself .



You show me your explanation to your comment and I’ll show you mine.


Jayus , i was expecting a long winded post


Randal simplistic description of Lord of the rings is brilliant


I was expecting (yet another) windup.