The Good TV Thread


I can always rely on you to reply to something i post even when it has nothing to do with you .
Don’t ever change Al :wink:


You talking to me, or just my post? Don’t ever give the wind-ups, you’ll get the hang of it eventually.


I enjoy your posts al but your very sensitive at times . Im not sure how i wound you up but how & ever , be good .



As I said, you’ll have to work harder at it.


The Staircase… only came on Netflix yesterday and I have seen an embarrassing amount of episodes already. Totally addictive. Better then Making a Murderer.


Thanks for the heads up. Never heard of it.
Not sure if its been mentioned before but The Jinx - The life and deaths of Robert Durst is a great watch too. Think it might be on Netflix too.


It’s actially not on Netflix, but it’s all on YouTube I think. Some ending to that!


Half way through series 2 Narcos, the wife is getting bored and sick of all the gore, bullets to head, head chopped off, blood and guts etc. I’m tending to agree, storyline is becoming repetitive.


On the subject of good TV.

Any hints as to where a lad if he was interested, could get a good IPTV subscription. Reasonable price and quality service is a must!


Well it is about a Colombian drug cartel- not much flowers and chocolates material to work with.


Quick TV related Q - Watched Season’s 1-3 of Peaky Blinders on Netflix, but no sign of season 4 (which was on BBC). How long does it take for it to get to the flix?

Is there a handy way to get BBC iPlayer on the TV?

Great show btw…


season 3 only came out after season 4 was aired on BBC or close enough to it I think


Started watching this the other night. I’m 6 episodes in. Really enjoyable so far.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of it. Basically a lady is found dead at the bottom of her staircase, the husband says she fell but he’s charged with murder.

The series shows real life footage of the crime scene and subsequent court case, with access all areas to the prosecution and defence as they prepare for the trial. I’ve changed my mind once or twice already…

Well worth a watch!


Think it’s maybe as much as a year? Try a website called or something similar if that’s gone. Search and try out links, you’ll have to close off the spam etc as usual with those sort of links, you’ll figure it out


Will look it up.

Just finished season two of The Expanse - a must watch if you are a Sci-Fi fan. Only two seasons on Netflix. The third should be there in autumn, apparently SciFi channel axed it (they didn’t have the online rights) but amazon looking at taking it over. Danny Sutcliffe is in it.


Off on the holliers tm and have it downloaded! Really looking fwd to it.

Serious MaM vibe to it by the sounds of it.


I struggled to get through a few episodes of it .
I love sci fi too but found it very slow . I might give it another bash !


Finally started game of thrones last week. Nearly finished season 2. Enjoying it, especially all the female actresses :heart_eyes:


There’s some top totty in it for sure - boobs & dragons, whats not to like. It actually gets less enjoyable as it goes through the seasons for me, i prefer the political stuff at the start to the magic and shit of the later seasons but it’s still a good yarn.


Definitely took a few episodes to get into it.