The Good TV Thread


I’d say Aiden Gillen enjoyed his part in it. Jammy Bastage


A man of many talents obviously!


I have watched it all now, and I still haven’t a clue to be honest. Interestingly this case was already famous for an alternate theory, it was known as the Owl Murder. But that theory isn’t really mentioned at all.


Look at what caught my eye on the tele today!


You were always more of a GAA forum ladies’ man Beeko.


Well, if she’s interested in it, Rachel can check my helme… Ah, I better not go there.


Every bit helps, be great if we could pull it off this year.


Started that staircase one, Jesus wept.


Yea Im just into the case starting. What a bizarre story. Don’t want to say too much for those that haven’t seen it


It’s nuts. What a horrible story all around.


This is brilliant.


I’d say I could only play that if I went to the UK. Or had one of those dodgy widgety pokery wizzbang gadget yokes…


They let you do all sorts of things on here.


Ok the ozarks probably on a par with parts of Offaly. But a great movie if anyone missed it. Winters Bone a really good watch.


Super flick that.


Yeah very bleak place but would love to visit it.


I’ve just been watching Joanna Lumley’s Trans Siberian Railway series, what a great trip she made, and so well filmed. I wonder if things have changed much in the few short years since then, with all that’s been going on in the world. Mongolia has done well to stay independent for so long but with their natural resources being exploited these days who knows.


Kazakhstan is another country doing well to remain independent - unless it’s paying some kind of dividend to Russia. The country has huge fossil fuel and mineral resources and is also looking to become a centre for international financial trade. Why are the Russians staying away? Russia would annex the Ukraine in a heartbeat. Maybe they’d fear a jihadi war if the tried to annex Kazakhstan.


I think K has always been in the Russian pocket, too much resources not to be whilst staying independent (“independent”)


Saw a documentary on it recently. They’re ready for the Russians. It’d be Afghanistan mark2.