The Good TV Thread


Was that on BBC news channel?


Can’t remember to be honest but they’re hardy people and well prepared for an invasion.



Have enjoyed The Handmaids Tale . Season two finale sets it up nicely for season three .
12 Monkeys finished up well too , a nice conclusion to the series .


Billions was great but they need to lift it for the fourth season, too predictable otherwise.


Atlanta is very good.


Just finished watching Fargo 3. Brilliant. David Thewlis was excellent. Carrie Coons what a lady.


Is that on Netflix? Loved the first 2 series.


Yes it’s on there now


Excellent !


Are all 3 series on Netflix?


This is fcking hilarious


It’s toe curling, Great stuff though


Yeah posted that on another thread. They are Donald ducked the lot of them.


Very funny. Even them believing that these are real people and not characters is hilarious

Up to season 7 of Game of Thrones in a month, loving it!