The Good TV Thread


Patrick Melrose is a tough watch but well worth it .


The red witch, when she takes off everything.


Yeah that’s wanye Rooney’s favourite scene.


You obviously missed the scene were she took the necklace off Tommy!


Intriguing, will research it later.


Patrick Melrose was excellent.


It was. Hard to watch but brilliant none the less


Ha, forgot about that. Much prefer her in jewellery.


Last Chance U on Netflix is very good. It takes a few episodes to get into it, but it’s worth it. Very interesting from a sporting point of view, but more so as a look at the US culturally


OK, up to date on Game of Thrones. Can wait for the last season. When is it supposed to be back?


2019 sometime


Ah FFS, I thought it was back soon. Stupid fookin program!


Filming is finished but the launch is late 2019 for some reason.


New series started on BBC, gone fishing, caught it on Sunday evening but think it’s scheduled for Wednesdays at 9pm. Bob Mortimor and Paul whitehouse do a little fishing and some banter. First episode I thought was really good, check it out for some light hearted good humour, should fill the gap when Dub09 is not posting, if ever !


Just looked the show up as I couldn’t find it on the sky planner to record. Seems it’s been on since June and has ended. The episode I seen on Sunday was the first one of six and was a random broadcast. It truely is gone fishing, back to puns I suppose :frowning:


Episode 1
Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, Series 1 Episode 1 of 6

Lifelong friends and comedic royalty Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer have more in common than just their love of laughter - on a more serious note, they have both suffered complex heart disease. Paul is an experienced fisherman, Bob a complete novice. Paul thought a tour of the country’s finest fishing spots might help Bob’s recovery, and along the way maybe they would learn something about each other. In this funny and poignant six-part series, we eavesdrop on their expedition as they reconnect with each other and share their personal experiences of life, while testing the parameters of true friendship.

They also fish, and talk nonsense. A lot.

On soggy riverbanks, they candidly discuss everything from show business to solitude, relationships and romance, while trying to catch some of the most significant species of fish in the country. This is as much an insight into the hearts and minds of two of the UK’s best-loved comics as it is about capturing the extreme exhilaration and occasional monotony of one of the most popular pastimes in the UK.

While in Norfolk fishing for tench, Bob tries to impress Paul with his childhood fishing rod - and fails. They share nostalgia for their younger years and reveal how they recently came face to face with their own mortality. After a brief respite in a local brewery, they reluctantly camp down in yurts before fishing again the next day where the elusive tench seems to evade them until the very last minute.
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Release date: 20 June 2018
12 months left to watch
30 minutes
Signed Audio described


Last Friday’s Eight Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdown
Joe Wilkinson is a f**king scream.


I think I woke the youngest with the attempts to not laugh out loud! Brilliant!


Captain Bird’s Eye. :smile:


Reckon there was some queue for the jacks for those audience members who were seconds away from pissing themselves.