The Good TV Thread


Watch the show and I’m sure you will agree that the ones he has on it fall directly into tat category…


The SDLP was largely seen as a middle-aged, middle-class Catholic party.

Its founding members were a mix of school teachers, solicitors, doctors, etc.

On the other hand Sinn Fein were much stronger in urban and working class areas.

But by the 90s, the majority of people graduating from University were nationalist. And many of them gravitated towards Sinn Fein who were seen as more progressive, younger and more likely to stand up to the unionists.

So as much as I admire John Hume…it’s too simplistic to say he sacrificed his political career for peace.

The SDLP fell behind because of changing demographics and its inability to tap into where the main body of nationalism was heading.


So what we’re saying at the end of the day is we need to ex-Hume? (**too soon? :open_mouth: :flushed:)


SDLP were the only democratic option back in the day. Them and the UUP began the process that ultimately brought the more extreme parties to the table and the more extreme parties polarised support again but within the confines of the ballot box this time and have thus made hay. No real progress. A completely divided society thankfully without the violence but no real shift towards integration in any meaningful way. A lid on things at best … and a hope that the lid stays on.


I’m as fed up as the next man about the politics up here.

But the UUP were unwilling parters.

It’s leader at the time - James Molyneaux - attacked Hume for speaking with republicans and condemned the Hume/Adams pact.

He also described the ceasefire as the most destabilising thing to happen for unionism. Because he foresaw what it meant: talks, compromise and a change to the status quo. He was right.

Thankfully times have moved on. We now have a generation who want normality.

And with an AI win almost guaranteed…things are looking better !


Of course they were unwilling … but they had to come aboard. It cost Trimble in much the same way as Hume. But there is as much chance of Tyrone winning Sam as Ian Kyle Paisley joining Mickey’s selectors next season.


Plenty down here did too, including those that now eulogise him.


Very true.

The status quo was easier to maintain when those threatening it were ostracised.

Bringing them in to the mainstream meant certain change.

For the first time, Unionist leaders ran out of excuses not to talk…and the Brits made it clear there was no going back to the past.

The rest is history as they say.


Your merging about 30 years of history together there. Trimble orchestrated the downfall of sunningdale, due to US pressure and labour getting into power in GB he was forced into a position he and his party never supported. They never defended the GFA and ultimately unionist saw them as pointless. They never moved from the hard line position, with the OO have a massive say even though they supported the DUP. Even today they are pointless and just copy all DUP policies. Surely not all uniost are homophobic, religious extremist, supremisist with socially regressive views but UU don’t do shit to take advantage of this.


I said they were unwilling and accept all that but they did make the early running and once RIP saw the train leaving the station he took over as co-driver


And Trimble was a scarey looking guy. Those eyes used to give me nightmares. I’d say he was a right bollix


There’s a misconception that the good guys did all the hard work (SDLP and UUP)…only to have the prize nicked from them.

It’s not the case.

It’s easy to forget the UUP were openly hostile to a deal…with Arlene Foster and Jeffrey Donaldson quitting in protest to join the DUP. The DUP refused to take part in talks and accused those that did as traitors.

But David Trimble had no choice. Under pressure from Dublin, US and London who were tired of this shithole…he had to strike a deal or face possible Dublin involvement.

The nationalist side was much more unified as both SDLP and SF were pro-agreement. The problem for the former is that now faced with two democratic parties, younger nationalists deserted them.

But you’re right on the irony of it all. Having called them traitors and whipped up anger…Ian P jumped at the chance of being first minister.


Agree. I am not under that misconception at all - as can be seen from my posts.

A lot of this is circumstances dear boy … circumstances …


Good call Daller.


Plus this is really true…

One of David Trimbles last ‘successes’ was to increase the price of agricultural diesel - so reducing the profitability of laundering.

He was convinced Rufus’s lot in Armagh benefited the most from it.

Well as someone who lost a small fortune in said trade, my bitterness knows no limits !


Watched some of them last night and it’s brilliant.

The one were he’s talking to the Yanks about building a mosque is brilliant!!


BBC4 right now, TOTP from February 1986… Suzannah Hoffs.
'nuff said.
‘Come on honey, let’s go make some noise’.


All of them where rides. But hoff, she was so gorgeous it made your eyes hurt.


For a 60 year old, she’s aged very well too in fairness to her. :laughing:


Sky Sports News getting their American sports mixed up.