The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


Off The Boilers really pushing this now a couple of posts on FB in the last couple of hours. Apparently we should offer to play in Clones…:roll_eyes:


ha should we now? how come this game gets moved and not the other one?


Let them build another one in Mullingar - ■■■■ them


He can ■■■■ right of with that.


OTB are just stirring it. they even carry an interview with Michael Murphy who says “The first group of games as far as I’m aware are Croke Park games, so that’s set in stone. That’s been passed”


Their researchers and probably the presenters too read this forum. Obviously think that they are getting under our skins and making headway in the overall public consciousnesses.

Ger, I hope the Dubs success continues to boil your piss, you miserable tosser.


Seriously as someone pointed out above these wankers should not be highlighted here. They are inconsequential in GAA terms and all other terms too. Stop referencing the assholes. They love it.


People like Gilroy are just lapping up the attention. If there was no Dublin would these lads have anything to get excited about in their pathetic little lives. Were the calls for Dublin outside Croker in the 4 in a row in 1991, the replays against Kildare in 1998/2000?


Gilroy finds out that match is moved to Parnell Park. Oh ■■■■.


Despite the pleas, there is an unhealthy obsession on this site with some people. So irritating the way the same names keep appearing in the threads. Who gives a ■■■■ what they say


Think it was about an hour podcast .Too much to go through here OTB are certainly pushing this .


The rules are the rules as the Newbridge fiasco demonstrated. Surprised they are being given the opportunity to meet the blazers for something passed at Congress/CCCC. Let them go back to Congress with a motion next year if they want to change it to home, away and neutral venue to be decided by CCCC. Don’t care where it’s played because the best team usually wins anyway.


Exactly I stopped listening to them and other podcasts a long time ago and rarely only listen to some hurling podcasts now.

I also don’t read any click bait and only read some hacks articles that give an honest opinion on games and how things are the rest are pure muck.


I’d say there gonna get their fcukin ears chewed off. Well they should in anyways


Would you not just stop listening to that bolloxology? The amount of referencing here you do for them is unreal. Are you on a cut?


Newstalk have lost the live broadcasting rites to Gaelic Games. Therefore if they want to attract listeners they need to generate controversy, otherwise who is going to tune in to their nightly 3 hour self indulgent love-in. Just like the barrio king these parasites are feeding themselves by hitching their wagon to the Dublin train however they can and making a few bucks from it. Miserable shower of twerps.


fair play to him, only three days or so after I predicted that would happen

Hi Ger you wally, X



Exactly. Click bait meets radio. Zzzz.


As part of the new Super 8 format, each team in the quarter-finals is to play a home and away game while also playing one at a neutral venue, under rules agreed at Congress last year.

Dublin are set to play Donegal at Croke Park in their opening game, before playing an away fixture and another at GAA HQ.

Well, thats all incorrect. We’re not set to play another at GAA HQ. That decision will not be made till Monday, and as the president said about kildare, if we want PP we get PP.

And there is the “n” word again. Heard it on the RTE sports news during the News at 1.