The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


Be like the fonz people. What’s the fonz like? That’s right, the fonz is cool.


Compare Mick Foley and Malachy Clerkin and others to what these prats write, it’s night and day.

Stick to your crappy quiz lads, at least you can do that properly.


Relax lads ffs.


here we are again

However, Dublin are set to have another game, their ‘home game’ at Croke Park against either Armagh or Roscommon on 4/5 August, following on from an away clash against either Cork or Tyrone.

they dont know that, the fixtures arent out till monday ffs.

anyway this is the best bit

Donegal GAA officials will meet with GAA bosses tomorrow to discuss and clarify matters

I’m sure they will. We could be in a farcical situation where Donegal County Board knows where our third match will be before the DCB.


yeah, at the end of the day we perhaps should take a leaf out of mayos book last week. they left it to the GAA and the KCB and it all ended up just fine…


Don’t relax lads, over the top all the way!!!


This thread is called “the official get the dubs out of Croker thread”. Who do you think would be referenced in such in a thread?


Sneak preview of the document GAA officials will present to Donegal County Board tomorrow.



Until such a time as c*nts like Gilroy and Martin Breheny and the pug-shaggin’ w@nker in Brazil are willing to engage with and listen to the other side of their collective arguments, they should not be referenced on here, in my opinion. Worse still is people listening to their broadcasts or buy Denis O’Brien’s rag or clicking on its website content. As I said, feeding the mouth that bites your hand.


So the latest is that Donegal now consider the game against Dublin in Croker as their ‘away’ game.

Michael Murphy interview on 2FM … he says they’re away to Dublin in Croke Park, they’ve a home game and then a game at a neutral venue…

They are actually getting more embarrassing as the days rolls on.


If Donegal said, we too would like to play our “home” game at HQ, would this be something that would be subject to a “business case” type application or would CP have to oblige?
i.e. Dublin presumably make the case based on capacity, safety, convenience…etc.


Holy fucking jaysus. They really are an embarrassment


Surely All Ireland finals involving Dublin will be next …


Hold on a second that would mean Rossies or Armagh don’t get a home game. Bunch of space cadets




With all due respect there are threads dedicated to stuff like this. If you don’t want to hear it don’t read it. I don’t read the clump thread cause it’s riddled with hysterical nonsense. They’re easy to avoid.


there is also a cunning plan afoot…

even if DCB say they want the third game in PP - that STILL means dublin get to play two matches in Dublin!!!


Where do donegal people actually want their other two matches to be played if they count CP as the “away”

This is just getting silly now. The heat is driving some people mad lol


That’s all very well @BohemianDub but I resent these wankers getting any traction for the biased lies and nonsense they peddle - especially on a Dublin supporters forum


But I don’t understand why people complain about these w@ankers yet give their arguments some amount of gravitas be reading them, referencing them, etc.
Do you think EMcK will quote @dubintipp verbatim (and his facts) when discussing any arguments about Dublin GAA?


Its the same names and media platforms all the time. Its even worse that they are given nicknames like Spewan etc… These guys would pay money for the publicity they get in here. The most damaging thing for a person in that field is for their work to be totally ignored.