The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


I miss Mayo.


You are bring overly kind.


I agree. It’s the same as people giving out about people discussing them but seeking out the threads they are discussed in. I enjoy reading them all. They’re comedians. Long may they keep their crusades going. Makes me enjoy every victory more


I reckon we go the other direction and double down on them and say we want to move our 2019 o byrne cup games to croke park and we won’t play anymore outside the pale cause these country types are odd lookin😲.

I’m just saying DCB should just float the idea and the step back as they go apoplectic.

Wound up a Donegal lad woeful today told gaa wouldn’t play dub v Donegal in ballybofey as they’d lose to much with currency conversation, asked what I meant and I said you know with brexit and you boys using sterling. Went purple and spitting that Donegal wasn’t part of northern Ireland. I acted the gobsite and asked was Donegal not part of Ulster, his mate twigged it and was laughing as he was freaking out. You have meet stupidity with utter stupidity. If people don’t know the rules of the competition thats their fault not ours. Dont rise to the bait go the other direction and askwhat Luas stop is Newbridge at :laughing:


Semi related question. Is Pairc Ui Rinn technically Corks home ground ?


I would guess both are as they are both controlled by the Cork County Board.


not so much, their bigger club games are played in P ui C.


Fair enough was going to go down the road of why Cork weren’t being asked to play in Pairc Ui Rinn


He wasn’t having any of it by the sounds of the conversation . They even had a dub on to discuss & there were two of them flat out wouldn’t accept any of his points of view .


Tis the OToole Park to Parnell park. Former soccer ground they bought and did up in late 90s. Problem for cork is they should have got a second ground out in west cork as hurling is the city’s number one and football bigger in west cork.

To confuse us all they have the use of CITs grounds in bishopstown aswell which they play ladies Gaelic and underage county matches.




Seems like they’re doubling down on the crazy.


As I said already this mad fucker is more or less suggesting that Armagh or the Rossies don’t get a home game.


Trying to be cute hoors here … I’d say HQ will lash them out of it.


Flower Lodge it was - actually played a soccer friendly there in the 80s


Becouse it helps us vent our frustration and pass the time to the next game


Crazier situation here . Why don’t the GAA just come out & declare that Croker is the Home Ground for Dublin after all this. When do we honestly believe we will ever play another championship game in PP . Its simply not going to happen .
If they want to avoid this , why don’t the DCB redevelop PP . There must be money floating around if they wanted to go ahead with the Spawell project . Are there no other locations available to proceed with this ?

This argument is not going to go away now . And it needs some proper clarification regarding the home , neutral , whatever game .


Any team with serious ambitions of winning an all Ireland should be chomping at the the bit to play in croker.that experience alone would give the younger players on the panel who have never played in front of a packed stadium a chance to feel what it woul be like to feel the atmosphere and pressure of something close to all Ireland day.or maybe bring in a rule the no dubs fans are allowed to shout or cheer just to ease them into it.i miss the snow


I suspect there is an idea where if you get Dublin out of croker , teams will stand a better chance .
Problem with that is , they are going to have to face us either in the semi or final in Croker .
Whats going to be the excuse then .


I think we needed the developer to get his hands on clontarf golf club a few years back for that to happen,