The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


The only ‘questionable’ fixture is Roscommon-Armagh which we should look at playing in Parnell imo


Would that be out of the question now ?
If you could get PP up to about 25-30k it would solve all this .


locals would go apeshit - theres already traffic chaos when theres a big county champioship game on there


every footballers dream is to play in croker especially against the all-ireland champions, but yer always gonna get these narrow minded arseholes that don’t see the bigger picture. whether they like to admit it or not, the gaa has really benefited from the success the dubs have had since 2011. this Dublin team are the greatest team to ever play the game despite what spillane says and o rourke more or less told him that on the Sunday game 2 wks ago, and he didn’t like it. I don’t think jim and the players could give a rat’s bollix if the match was played on spike island so bring it on wherever it is . it’s hurtin alot of people we’r so successful . spillane and Kerry folk don’t want us puttin them in the history books behind us, but that’s the way it goes


Would the Guards even allow us to play in PP anyway I wonder given the traffic issues that would occur.


Im sure they could make arrangements if New bridge is anything to go by.


A huge amount of the crowd is usually Guards … not sure they’re working there though :wink:


all this talk about the venue got me thinkin, does anyone know can ye still get fizzle sticks anywhere


Mr Simms in dame street


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I’d imagine so, any developer likely to get his hands on Clontarf will want the Nell too now. Hindsight is great and all that but in my opinion building/developing something at Abbottstown art the time would have made sense, acres of space, near industrial land, 5 mins off M50.



Shanley here from last year

""Parnell Park holds 10,000 so another stadium… if we have more than 10,000 we can go to Croke Park.

“Now, that’s costly to open Croke Park for 20,000 but we don’t have a decent pitch in the Spawell where local championship games can be played.”

They own the land , maybe the idea of a stadium might be revisited instead of a center of excellence.


a very reliable source told me the spawell is gonna happen further down the road. don’t mind the shite yer hearin. they’ll run a luas line down from the red cow. access also from the m50 from everywhere. it makes sense. it’s gonna happen


Stay classy lads


That’s what i was listening to earlier .


I live on the Northside No F****** way I’m crossing the city :joy: Northsideornowhere


Dublin players should have nothing to do with that bollix or station, it’s the biggest anti dub station out there are that gilroy prick is nothin but a sleeveen


The Off The Ball evening lads (Joe Molloy, Nathan Murphy and AN Other) were quite sensible this evening. Basically said that the rules are against Donegal so it won’t be changing.
They also said that they expect to see this revisited next year in congress with Croke Park being changed to neutral. That is surely the only logical long term outcome from this little Donegal hissy fit?

One thing that could potentially happen this year is Armagh/Rossies refuse to play against Dublin in Croke Park. If so then great, play it in Parnell. Will most likely be the last time any of us see the Dublin football team play a championship game there in our lifetime. The atmosphere would be incredible.


I listened to this interview earlier.

What he’s saying has a whiff of “I don’t recognise this court” to it.

So they will play in CP but that’s the away venue as far as they are concerned.

Their second match will be at a neutral venue, even if that neutral venue is the home of their opponents it’s a neutral venue as far as they are concerned.

Their third match is at home in Donegal.

You couldn’t make this up.