The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


Has there been any comment out of Kerry / Galway about this ?
Im sure Kerry will be kicking up a fuss when they are outnumbered by the galway support …


Surely that should be coddelology if its to go in the Dublinism thread


it’s only a matter of time


I say they should do it. Pp passholders get preference, season ticket holders from opposition and dublin would be filled and then with players/sponsors/county board there would be little or no club allocation. It would be a cracking atmosphere and be televised for all the people, including many contributors here and good club people who would not get a ticket.

Only a quarter of the media who usually cover croke could be facilitated also. So you could leave those newstalk goons out in the car park.

It would be our first home championship match since 2004 and all the culchies who moaned about croke park wouldn’t get in too see it. In all reality dublin may have won their opening two games and maybe through so why not do it. Bring in on I say.


Going around in circles?




Don’t agree. Cork actually have a lot of fine ball players who had a bad night against a great footballing team.

It happens and when it happens in your own backyard it sucks. The Munster Final reminded me a lot of when Kerry schooled Dubs back in 09. When a team is too good they are too good but Cork have some fine footballers and will relish taking on Tyrone. The word on the street is that they are eagerly looking to atone for the poor performance.

Cork teams usually have a great performance in them after being hammered in Munster. Tyrone meanwhile are a proven qualifier team who are very well coached. I for one will enjoy this game and I’m sure Dubs will be eagerly looking on too.


Jaysus … the time difference is a bitch here …


Pure Yerra shite … fair play.

Schoolings have been 100% the other way in all the time since in the Champo … without fail … 9 years now with the Dubs lording it :wink:




Normally the way … but fat players are fat players


Give us your definition of a great football team . Would love your expert opinion. Obviously hammering a tough cork outfit in a Munster final is one characteristic. What are the other ones?


You can’t blame them, Cork is the food capital of Ireland afterall.


Ya can’t bate the fish in the English market


Paul Kerrigan must be the ambassador then for it :wink:


They may not be working there but you can guarantee that they are getting paid👮


Hate him and his program they hate the dubs so much yet we are their biggest potential audience but they are too think and incompetent to understand that


In the words of ferris bueller… You’re still here? It’s over. Go home.


I’m the words of vinnie Murphy f em


The county board should buy a plot of land just over the county border in either Kildare or Meath and announce plans to build our ‘home’ ground there.Then just stand back and watch peoples heads explode…