The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


In championship football there has been little beteeen Kerry and Dublin, you could say 2015 flattered Kerry as Dubs should have won by more but in 2013 the 7 points margin was very harsh. 2016 Kerry were outplayed again, yet Gough not awarding a blatant free for McManamins challenge at the end could have led to a different result.


Yerra. Yiz are still moaning about that or are you in the Donaghy camp that some Dublin footballer is walking around with his AI medal in his back pocket?


No moaning on my part. Just putting it in context of perceived ‘schoolings’. What about Donaghy?


What about about him?


Matt Cooper had Martin Carney and Seanan the Nodding Dog on last night. Seanan was laughing like a hyena at nothing in particular and endorsed his nodding credentials by describing Carneys comments about Kerry losing to Dublin as harsh on Kerry. TBF he did say that the real argument here isnt round one Donegal it is round three. But then he started doing his hyena impression and suggested that next year the rule should be that a team can only play in CP the once.

He was very keen to tell everyone about some mad aul time he had with Carney but Cooper had to get him off air asap and went to a break. He was still laughing as the ads started.


I listened to that. Senan is a joke god love him. The nodding Churchill. Cooper is a dose.


I think it was Alan Brogan last night that pointed out.

2016 All Ireland QF Dublin v Donegal 82,300 Attendance.

Less than 2 years later it’s been suggested that game should be moved somewhere with less than half the capacity. No logic at all.


In 2014 there was 81,500 there for the Semi Final that Donegal won, now correct me if I’m wrong, but Croke Park was still in Dublin at that stage, yet now it’s an issue…
Looks like Donegal are just getting their excuses in early,


I’d have no problem if someone proposed a rule change at congress. That’s where things like this should be debated. It would be interesting to see if counties who won’t ever trouble the Super 8s like Kilkenny, Lietrim, Carlow, Antrim and Waterford, etc. would be happy to forego the revenue of having Dublin in Croke Park to ‘level the playing field’ for whomever the whingers de jour are in any given year.


An issue because of the Brazil nut and the Off The Boilers who think they were ones who got the Kildare game back to Newbridge and think they hold some sort of sway now. These fuckers planted the seed in Boners head last weekend


but there is no traction outside of these two places really and away from the social media bubble they inhabit.

there is nothing trending on twitter, havent seen any facebook stories about it (i dont have the boilers on FB or Twitter)

i think most people have copped this as a stunt by bonner, when the captain is on RTE trying verbal contortions to get round it and saying straight they’ll be there saturday at 7pm it says a a lot…

TBF DCB doing the right thing “nothing to do with us”/saying nothing.


Audio clickbait or Troll FM, either is a more accurate description of the scutter they spout.


this is in the indo

“It is in the rules that each team in the ‘Super 8s’ get a home game and that will be stood over,” Horan said.

written by donnacha boyle… 3rd July.

next day we have this

The fact that Dublin will essentially have two home games and everyone else gets one has not been lost on observers, especially in light of last week’s ‘Newbridge or nowhere’ controversy.

Donegal have acted and now the GAA must offer an explanation.

The argument that Croke Park is not a ‘home’ venue for Dublin because they rent it off the GAA or that they don’t train there doesn’t carry much water.

If that is the case, then Dublin should play the ‘home’ game with the winner of Roscommon or Armagh at Parnell Park.

By Cormac Byrne.

They dont even read their own newspapers, it seems.


It was great when it just used to be about the football …all these distractions .


Martin Breheny hasn’t read his own paper either, or listened to the draw on RTE monday morning.

Donegal will learn today that nothing can be done to address their concerns over venue arrangements for the ‘Super 8s’ All-Ireland football quarter-finals, where Dublin are scheduled to play two of their three games in Croke Park.

A top GAA delegation, which is expected to include new director-general Tom Ryan, will meet Donegal County Board officers this morning but there will be no change in the venue rota, which is laid down by rule.

Donegal played a significant part in drafting that rule, with two senior figures from the county speaking enthusiastically in favour of introducing the Super 8s format at last year’s Congress.

Neither of the bold bits are correct, or true.

As for the last paragraph, :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


just checked something.

the initial articles by the indo had comments enabled, lots of people were pointing out the inaccuracies in this and a lot of the things we have pointed out here, including myself.

All comments have vanished and commenting is disabled on them now.

Funny that.


They disabled their comments sections a couple of years ago due to the nature of the un-moderated comments being posted by all sorts of loopers. Surprised that it was re-opened at all


Same media group as the Off the Ball lads.


Never let it be said I’m a man who wouldn’t help out another in their hour of need.



That has made my day.