The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


Its not a do or die game vs Donegal but you would think they can get 55-60 k easily for this one.


Brass neck jumpers more like


Donaghy makes o Connor look like an altar boy


Off the ball uugghhhh


A lot of the unmoderated comments were directed at the unmoderated articles put out by the indo. I think it was turned off to prevent debate,and not just about GAA. The big bad media mogul does not like reading unflattering things about himself in his own paper.


Saw an interesting reader’s comment in the IT and it refers to the reason the rule states Croke Park rather than just a neutral venue.

In case anyone forgets, the reason Croke Park was named in the rule was to ensure that each team got to play there, before a potential semi-final. If the rule is changed say for 2019, then one team in Dublin’s group (should they get there), other than Dublin won’t get to play there prior to a semi-final, is that fair on the team that loses out?

Based on that you could have Kerry in the semi-final, playing there for a fourth time that year (If they played Dublin in the League, then made the League final & played their Super 8 game) there, versus say the Connacht Champions from Dublin’s group, playing there for the 1st time as they were at home to Dublin in the League, didn’t have a great league so didn’t make the final and because they were in the same group as the Dubs had to play the neutral game outside of Croker.

Wonder how that would fit in with Donegal’s desire to “ensure that no team has any advantage over any other team.”


I’ve been thinking about this all day and have completely changed my mind… Donegal are 100% right…

And in solidarity with our country cousins I’ve decided to do the following and would hope you’ll all show solidarity with me:

  • I’ve ditched my shoes and will now walk home barefoot
  • I’ll no longer use Dublin Airport … all family holidays from now on will depart from a neutral Airport. I’m thinking Shannon!
  • It’s not fair we have access to Hypermarkets like Aldi and Lidl … I’m buying a goat and going to make my own milk and cheese (don’t forget you can pretty much milk anything with nipples)
  • The car is gone …… I’m buying a sulky and pony and any longer journeys will be done using that… (will the pony make it to Shannon?)
  • The kids don’t know themselves sleeping in their own beds the night before school … not any more… we’re moving schools to the Southside … the further away the better… and they’ll bring turf with them to heat the classroom…

And lastly my Palestinian flag is no more … from now on I’ll fly the green and gold of Dun Na Gall at every game I go to … and instead of singing Amhran Na Bhfiann I’ll be belting out Jimmy’s winning matches!


Just don’t go and start marrying cousins and shit. The rest in fine. And say 15 Hail Marys and beg god for a level playing field that doesn;t need a John Deere to be hired.


They’re all getting a ride … if that’s what it takes to get justice for Donegal! :grinning:


I’m going to send a motion to congress that Croke Park be put on wheels and driven to any county playing against Dublin. At half time the stadium should be rotated so that Dublin are against the wind in both halves.


Where do I sign up ?



Sounds like common sense had prevailed (for a change).


Donegal smacked down. Nice few expenses for the trip no doubt.


Hawkeye saved from a life of hardship!! :+1:


So basically they had a meeting about nothing and will just follow the usual protocol and raise their issues at annual congress.

Great job.


It’s a long trip from Donegal for that.


They might have took the chopper !


Can’t understand how they voted for the Super 8s given they voted no to every other thing they’ve ever voted on.

Donegal always says no to progress or change …


That’s been there problem they need a good ride to sort themselves out