The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


Sounds a bit like they were told to go away, you made your noise, you got your meeting, now back home with you,


Exactly - I’d say they were ridiculed. I just hope they got some v-neck jumpers to make it not a total fiasco.

Makes those making noise look like the right fcuking eejits they are too.


The whole episode is a farce. Good to see them getting a dose of reality . Now let’s tear them a new one in Croker.


What a non story from the start. Can we get back to discussing football now.


Where do you think they’ll play it?!


No mention of the bargains in Guiney’s in that statement. Disappointing.


Found myself tuning out from Newstalk since they decided to cheerlead Donegal on this. As others have said, we’re in a situation now whereby the number of sports-based media outlets vastly outnumber the potential GAA on-field related angles, so an essential non-story (based on the agreed, set-down Super 8 rules) became a “controversy”. This isn’t an excuse for the behaviour of Off The Ball of late, however. It’s not only Donegal who lost the run of themselves this week. So, would suggest we take the lead from Jim - control the controlables & ignore the media trolls. Don’t bite.

Heard Malachy Clerkin on the Second Captains podcast today. He, and the show in general, spoke a lot of sense on the matter. Pity is it’s behind a subscription paywall. He related his experience at congress on the Super 8’s motion…

"the guy who actually proposed it spoke really, kinda…how would you say…agressively from the top table. He was a guy called Noel Erskine, from Donegal(!)…wasn’t the proposer…was he the proposer of the motion?..whether he was the proposer of the motion or not, he was sort of the first big GAA voice from the top table to talk about it, and he was in this kinda mode where he was anticipating challenges, you know, he was just short of finger-wagging, ‘and if anyone says this is about money’ blah-blah-blah ‘and if anyone says this is about…’ wah-wah-wah. He’s from Donegal and at no stage did he kinda say, ‘and eh, we’ll have to do somethin’ about Dublin getting two home matches’…there was nothing said at all along the way.

Bizarre kinda sleepwalk into this by all concerned! Now, onto the football.


It’s Mc Guinness trying to disrupt the dubs that’s all and as the press and most of Newstalk partners like OTB are anti dubs are milking it as much as they can


[quote=“JohnC, post:373, topic:3627, full:true”]
Found myself tuning out from Newstalk since they decided to cheerlead Donegal on this.

Tuned out from Off the boil once the 2nd captains left and they replaced them with an inferior crew of lightweights and the bottom feeder from Laois ,led by Ger Gilroy, to become red top radio. Got bored stupid with smarmy Matt Cooper well before that.


It really is tedious. Part of this whole culture of media nowadays I think. They’ve hours to fill so love an aul’scandal. Seems to be something stupid like this every summer.

Meanwhile there was a brilliant u21 Leinster hurling final last night. No build up in the media, talked about for 3 minutes and off they go again.

U20 football final this Friday - how about someone in the media actually talks about that instead of this boring shite.


Time to lock this thread, @Tayto and send it to room 101?


I’ll leave it for this evening so everyone can have their summary, then lock it and throw away the key gladly!


100 % right.


Yes let’s wallow in our great victory


I just hope at the end of all this peace can finally be found in the holy land. God bless us all.


Ultimately everybody will claim victory on this. If the objective is to get Dublin out of Croke Park more often that’ll be achieved, and a good thing too most Dubs would agree.

I just hope those that cried loudest do appreciate it might impact on their own finances, and increase sales of ham sambos accordingly.


This thread here will be locked but the debate is only beginning.

It’ll rear it’s head again once we get to Round 3 of Super 8’s and for the whole of the summer and winter thereafter …


This debate will last the ages. There’s an asterisk don’t you know, it’s all sundered.



Token article from the Off The Boilers to show they couldn’t be biased at all…


That asterix says

The greatest gaa team off all time