The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


It will and once again reality won’t change. Let’s see if the county boards are that interested in change come the next Congress.


Surely the bigger issue this weekend is Wicklow minors having to okay their semi at their opponents’ home venue (Kildare as it happens), while the other semi is at a neutral venue.


And that’s the thing. These things are only unfair when it’s in Dublin


Shamed into it by the utter nonsense they’ve been engaged in. Give morons like that enough rope they eventually do the damage themselves.


Apparently it will say: 4 point advantage for playing at home. Deluded.


Could you fit a GAA pitch in the Aviva?

It would solve a problem…


Unless it was 13/12 a side then no. The soccer and rugby pitches had plenty of room behind each end when they were in Croker.


Why is that @alanoc?


Maybe we should gift Croke Park to Liechtenstein, making it like an embassy or something, thereby taking it out of Dublin. But not.

About as rational as some of the shite being spouted on this topic.

(Fogra: I’m just going to keep going till this thread is locked.)


Because it’s unfair.


Exclamation mark.


Exhibit A is the recent referendum…


Why is what? They should both be neutral or the two group winners (Meath and Kildare) should have home advantage. Giving it to one and not the other in the current climate is absolutely daft.


I don’t think there will any blow back regarding Roscommon / Armagh . It will still be in Dublin , not in a neutral venue . They wouldn’t have the same notions about themselves . There would be no benefit to either playing it in PP.


Gough is a member of Judes GAA club . . . Could hardly give a free against his own clubman !!!


Who knows maybe they might even welcome opportunity to play in CP. imagine that??


That had crossed my mind too !


Some craic if Donegal win now.
“Keep The Dubs in Croker” will be the call at congress.


Nope, plans to fit a GAA pitch were shelved. The soccer at Croke Park was an eye opener in that respect. Soccer pitch is tiny.


:joy:, oh that headline should set a few off.