The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


Great news!!! Can we have the money from the Taylor Swift and Michael Bublé concerts, the money from the hiring of “OUR HOME” ground for conferences, meetings, functions and the Museum visits so?


Every single referendum


Not to mention the proceeds from Argentinian superstars Franny and the Jets in late August.


Agree totally - I am asking have you any idea how it came about?


Every single referendum

The odd one out being when the Donegal rep voted IN FAVOUR of the Super 8’s format, they seem to forget that!


Is the 42 the same owners as OTB the comments they allow on this subject by the hillbies is unbelievable have a look


Fuming ?
Very interesting that that article above from OTB is been labelled as “lazy journalism” in stark contrast to all the utter tripe written about us .
If it doesn’t follow the anti Dublin agenda it is disregarded , yet they lap up everything else.


In fairness, it’s like slamming a car into reverse when in fifth. Their small little brains must be spinning.


what s the latest with all the donegal shite, I’m away till the wknd end


HQ more or less told them to fùck off. It was voted for at Congress and if they have any issues they can propose it at Congress next year.


They said how do you get to guineys from here?


good stuff, ah I’m sure by next week they’ll come out with some other shite try’n to create a little bit of unrest in our camp. wankers


It’s already begun… There’s an asterix beside our AI wins and now all of sudden because mayo are supposedly crap we are are crap… According to Joe.


surprise surprise


A reasonable and measured man, he said sagely.


■■■■ them. We are witnessing the greatest gaa team of all time. Even the greatest Muhammed Ali had probems with begrudging ■■■■■


yeah, we’r the best of all time and it’s killin an awful lot of sad fucks , gilroy mcguinness and spillane and the likes of them are hurtin bad


Poor aul Molloy desperately trying to say it’s their home on the one hand, not realising that GAA say it isn’t, not believing it when told they did, then saying it’s their de facto ground. Then says he doesn’t think it gives us an advantage. Joe needs reprogramming.

As an aside aul bitter was on last word. What was your favorite world cup he was asked. Brazil, says he before going off on a rant about money corruption football FIFA host counties…

There is no silver lining out there he can’t wrap a cloud around.


You have learned wisely Grasshopper


Now OTB have lost this battle , will they throwing their attention at the Rossi / Armagh game ?
I used to think Molloy was the lesser of the many evils on OTB but then ya remember he’s from Kildare too . Did Gilroy have any responce to the ruling today . And for clarity , I’m led to believe he nicked that * thing from the investigations into the New England Patriots .
The most successful NFL team probably of the last 10-15 years . Also vilified because of what they achieved with everything thrown at them , literally …