The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!


Not a dickie bird on his personal twitter anyway #SmackdownBitch


Glad we don’t reference OTB on this site much.


Yeah i scanned his account & Off The Ball account too , was wondering had he said anything on the wireless .


Fear is the only darkness Master Po.


he won’t be on Twitter or any other social media sites tonight cause he lost his lipstick and there’s panic in the curragh. there’s an awful lot of worried and angry sheep down there, bah bah,


You know the tune of Liechtenstein’s National Anthem?


All the trolls won’t be happy after today’s meeting in Croke Park and what’s even better is the utter silence from the DCB


GSTQ … nach ea?


You might be making assumptions Alan. Leinster make underage fixtures for neutral venues unless counties have a home and away arrangement in place. In this case Kildare are due to play Wicklow at home having played them away in their previous MFC encounter.




from what I hear from people up there Donegal sought the meeting to shut Bonner up. We went to Croke Park, we made a strong case but they told us to get lost. What more can we do Declan? Let’s just play the match!


So they were just collecting their tickets…


And jumpers …


Still a little unfair though. A semi final is a big deal. Could be years since they last played them. And because of that this team gets home advantage? Seems unfair to me.


Yeah if we take it at face value it appears unfair - but if there is an arrangement in place then fair enough. And Wicklow were more than a match for us in PP.


Croke Park as agreed at Congress.

Is it the case that each county nominate their home ground for the Super 8s? If so say we nominate PP can CCCC overrule that on Health and safety grounds and order us to play at CP?


Laying out the towels for Saturday…


Alter the president said home means home I doubt it.


The last time Dublin won a minor all Ireland (2012) we played our Leinster semi final against Kildare…in Newbridge! Nobody batted an eyelid.


As this thread will thankfully be closed soon, I would like to post a completely random celebratory picture for no reason whatsoever.