The "overrated" thread


The Beachboys.


David Bowie


Supervalu and the horse they rode in on.


Nonsense, Super Valu are great. Shopping as it should be.


Ferrero Rocher.


Nonsense… thats rich coming from you. Overpriced and full of shit… Supervalu that is before you start pounding the keyboard. I prefer to shop in Aldi. Better value for a growing family.


Super Valu has done a great job, that’s why it’s nonsense. They charge more because they don’t cut so many corners and treat their staff better than some other outlets etc. Is that so bad, is the bottom line always just cheaper grub? And they certainly aren’t full of shit but each to their own I suppose.

By the way cut out the personal stuff. But sure let’s turn every thread and every discussion into a rant against everything eh?


Overall quality in my local Superquin has really deteriorated since SV took it over. I don’t mind paying more for better products & service, if I actually get them. I don’t anymore in SV imo. I do however, applaud their support of Irish producers & products.


That word again ‘rant’ is that all you can say Al every time I make a comment. Its getting tiresome. This is called the overrated thread, where

A. You get to say whats overrated.
B. You can say it what ever way you want.

And BTW if you feel my contributions to a athread / discussion ruin it for you, simply ignore them.


Because I disagreed with what you said (what you said, not you personally or your posting in general), and so you went on a lash with some nice personal digs. Therefore I retaliated, more fool me. There is also the right to disagree with points of view here and if you don’t like that, then likewise simply ignore.

And what’s with the “every time I comment” exaggeration? I’ve said it twice. I think there’s funny ranting, and justified ranting, and then there’s just too much ranting. In my opinion, man. Feel free to disagree it’s all opinions. And it’s not just you, I think there’s far too much angry ranting from all of us on here.


What personal digs?


“That’s rich coming from you”. “Before you start pounding the keyboard”. That was in response to me disagreeing with your opinion on SV


Good grief… this thread was opened for a bit of harmless fun.


And you can go and shiite!


harmless fun now thats overrated.


Fair enough, I shouldn’t have moaned. Each to their own. I just happen to think SV have done a great job in terms of Irish retail, whatever their faults. They stood up to the likes of Tescos, they provided an Irish option in working class areas, and as PD said above, promoted Irish produce when others didn’t give a shit. They don’t treat their staff like Ryanair. And no, I don’t promote poor quality stuff. I suppose there’s good and bad everywhere in individual outlets.


Harmless fun is overrated, I love harm me


Oh look … @JJF and @5AliveOh agreeing. That is so overrated …


One mans sugar is another mans salt. They are still the most expensive supermarket in Ireland. Thats fine if one is still happy to shop there. I find Aldi better value and my buck goes further. But I laugh when I see Supervalu package themselves as been ‘Super Value’ when really they are not.


They don’t, there’s no ‘e’. :smirk:

Smaller supermarkets generally charge more than bigger. They don’t charge more than Spar etc, certainly cheaper. Suerquinn were more expensive than LIDL and ALDI before SV took over. Everyone costs more than LIDL and ALDI. And by the way, I like LIDL.

But LIDL and ALDI often only stock some stuff for a week, for example. It costs more to have stuff on the go all year round. And they have suppliers (in Britain and Germany, and East Europe) that SV can’t access so easily.