The "overrated" thread


Bye bye



Get a grip soft lad


England in world cups


Irish people using English slang.
Jog on you numpty :wink:


Touché. Mon ami.


A League of their own or any of those lad banter shows…


99’s…tasteless muck (compared to a mint Magnum) textureless (compared to a Brunch) fcuk all to bite into (compared to a Loop The Loop)…the cone is usually stale, half it dribbles over your hands before you have a chance to eat it…and oh yeah, you’ll probably die from Salmonella poisoning (according to any self respecting Irish Mammy) because “the man” has nowhere to wash his hands.


99s? You’re insulting 99s!! That’s goin overboard mate!


Any of the lad sports’ shows. Utter drivel.

Not really overrated at all but I have to put him in - Hecthor. Was everywhere at one stage, and gave rise to a period where every other ‘hardy young buck’ on Irish media was ‘puuuuure muuuuule’. Mad altogether. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


All radio apart from Lyric.


Irish radio absolutely but the beeb is fantastic imo


So on the next really hot day, when the Indo have their obligatory front page pic of the 99 loving hordes queuing up outside Teddy’s in Dun Laoghaire…I get to march up to each & everyone, call them a Kant & tell them to eat a Wibbley Wobbley Wonder, like a normal person?


Works for me.


Soccer- Zlatan

Hurling- Lar Corbett

Gaelic Football- Diarmaid O’Connor

Rugby- The nonsense that surrounds Munster.

Horse Racing- AP McCoy at the highest level, poor Cheltenham record compared to Ruby

Irish Life- Des Bishop by a country mile I genuinely detest him

World Life- The lack of craic a lot of nationalities have

Gaelic Football (2)- Jim McGunniess had some unreal footballers at his disposal and play the most tortured version of football ever seen.

Hurling (2)- That Ballyboden side that beat the Sh*te out of everyone for 6/7 years and didn’t win a Leinster or All Ireland.

Music- The Smiths, Ed Sheehan, Beyonce


Was that the B-side of Take me to Church?


Cerys Mathews does a brilliant Blues show on BBC Radio 2 on Monday evenings at 8pm.

In fairness to RTE, Philip Kings “South Wind Blows” (Saturday Nights 10pm*) and “The John Creedon Show” (Mon-Fri 8pm*) generally have some great tunes. I like both King and Creedon, despite them both being from Cork.

  • It’s a sign of the age one is at when one is promoting radio shows on RTE1 at these times!!!


Deal. Hate the hordes, and their puffy, sweaty red faces, going around like herds of sheep, summer partying like they’re having…19 99s?


Great shows those, and whatshisface ex-HHFlowers guy?

Thought Kingy was Kerry?


She’s brilliant, 6 Music is essential listening for me :slight_smile:


Ex HHF’s? Liam Manley? Well, his name appears in the correct thread (as in here), for me.

King broadcasts his show from RnaG studio in Corcha Dhuibhne but is a Cork man.