The Res Dubs Hall of Fame (or shame?)


Right lads came across this by accident. I spotted a distinct bird of prey in the back. Anyone else still pottering around on this site in that photo? I’d say the loose fit XXXL was all the rage with some of you lads! :):sunglasses::sunglasses::smile:


A few from that still posting.

@Honcho @Daithimor @Harper @Bosco @TheParish @gerire @MarysMan @Hopper @McDaddy & myself from what I can make out


you would need a wide lens camera to fit us all in now :joy:


Ill get a challenge match going again try over 40’s team… we would need a fucking drone to take a photo of us.


My jersey from that day still fits perfect, so I was as fat then as I am now!


Sure all you’d see then would be bald spots.

I’m guessing that’s @Harper second from left in the back row


back row 4th from the right No9 , beside Dub Match tracker


You’re number 15 lad! I knew i knew ya! :wink:


No bald spots on this lad, maybe blind spots and hot pots but no bald spots bro.


ref robbed us that day !


10 years later and i still haven’t managed to get the jersey off.


The real question is where is Bart (The Lone Ranger)


Here he is… first person of the bench shooting straight from the hip and ruining everyones buzz… :smile: can’t even wear the official strip.


He looks like Bono!


Ya could be on to something!


Great day out, and I thought we won by a point @McDaddy?


I thought it was a draw and we won on Penos. I took mine after one of the over 40 lads fluffed his thinking ‘I can’t be any worse than that’
Could be wrong but will give it a go
Back row l to r: Can’t remember his name, Jailbird, Boris, Daithimor, Mick O D, Harper, TB2(Dubmatchtracker), Mr Navy(I Think), Bosco
Front row l to r: Honcho, Hopper, Whatever, Parish, Geriere, MacDaddy, Marys Man


You’re correct!


First in the front row is OJ


Your right, Honcho is first in the back row. And here is the winning peno…