The "underrated" thread


The opposite of the overrated thread.

I’ll start the ball rolling: a good shite.




Taco Chips
Referees ‘awaits barrage of slagging’


… and a good slash. Can’t beat it.


Nearly worth hanging on to it for the relief.




At the risk of sounding pedantic, bodily functions that would result in your unfortunate demeeze from constipation, if you were unable to perform them, hardly count as “underrated” do they?

As you were.



Unreal amount of uses!


Such as?


There’s literally nothing you can’t lube with it!

When the weather was harsh a while back in one sitting, I applied it to the lips, eyebrows and dry skin on my ears!

Then later on that night myself and the wife applied it on each others rings… We were bringing them back to the jeweller to be polished!


So just let’s get this right…

You lubed and polished your misses ring during the cold snap.

Good lad!!


The lunacy on the Kildare fans forum overshadowed by the absolute lunacy on willie joes spacecraft.


Did you get it off?


It was all over in seconds, job done!

Vaso is yer only man for lubrication, totally underrated!


I am having great difficulty with my ring and the swelling just won’t go down. Do you think vaseline would help me get it off?


Gaffa tape


The Dubs


Dublin in general. the culchies all love to hate it. But deep down they know it’s better then the kip they’re from.




The “overrated” thread.