The "underrated" thread


Prostate examinations.


Is that what they call the inter now?


It’s what Benny Manning called it then…


WOOD work teacher garnering a new meaning!


This has become very complicated!!


For the uninitiated, Benny Manning was a Christian Brother who “taught” Rochey and I.
( oooh listen to me, Rochey and I, you’d swear we were in Gonzaga)

He had terrible wandering hands, compared to him Harvey Weinstein is an amateur.


He taught me French in 1972/73. The hands wandered alright. Not near me mind. I used to growl at him if he came near me.


There was a brother like that in brunner. Used to come in sometimes to take confession in the room at the end of the class his hand ‘slipped’ with this headbanger from O’Deavenney Gardens who subsequently head-butted him and left the ■■■■ sprawled out on the floor.


:open_mouth: Did no one know that Christian Brothers can’t hear confession. That’s up there with Joey in Friends who thought it was normal to get his balls cupped when been measured for trousers.


He wasn’t a brother that taught in the school, he used to come in and wear a religious habit, maybe he was a fransician or something, he was a pervy fucker. We where up in the prefabs in the old Richmond hospital (as part of Brunner had burned down around 88/89). But he got himself lamped, yer man from O’Deaveneny nearly got himself lynched by the other teachers.


There was a famous one down that part (funny name) who was known as a great lad but subsequently (years later) uncovered to be a molester.


Where in Brunner?


The brothers in St. Declan’s were obviously heterosexuals as they were only into the psychological and physical warfare, never heard of any sexual stuff in my day. Went to St. Peters (70s) in Phibsboro and there was a frisky priest “Benny” luckily for me I didn’t look as sexy & handsome as I do now :grin:




There where plenty of brothers and teachers into that as well. One fucker scared the shit out of a lad from Hanlons Corner that he pissed himself in the class. Never forget it. And he was never let forget abut it either.


There was a priest from Rosmini in Drumcondra who was also a highly-regarded (at the time) hurling coach. It was later uncovered that he was a kiddy-fiddler. Before this was uncovered, he left the priesthood and got married.


Jaysus lads yiz all went to great schools! We had nuns instead of brothers so didn’t have the touchy issues, they were evil yokes though




Few Brothers like that in Col Mhuire, not afraid to drop the hand. Mind you most of them just beat the shit out of you…


to be fair a lot of the most lads pushed the boundaries in there and once you were half reasonable as a person you got through ok. Loved that place