Transfer Season 2019


Football transfers being discussed on the hurling thread, so thought we could do with one here.

A good amount of applications made to go to Round Towers Lusk from Man O War, and few lads from Ravens looking to move to Fingallians as well

This a product of their (Fingallians/RT Lusks) promotion & Ravens relegation?


I hope Man Of War can hold onto them. Challenging in Div 4, they may struggle if they lost a few.


Their Div 3 next year


Man O War lads to Lusk are all for minor football as they dont have a minor team next year


ah yeah, forgot it isn’t just adults moving from the clubs top teams :joy:

that makes sense


Please don’t put personal data and information up on the site of the transfer list.


Has anyone got the list?


shite, didn’t think about. Just trying to save the hassle with PM’s

Sorry about that


Anyone who wants the list can get it off their club secretary

Just the same way you got it :wink:


I wish :joy:, I emailed her this morning about it & naught heard a peep, fierce annoying


Some amount of curtain twitchers on ResDubs :wink:

Is Fair City not enough drama for yis?


Sure you’re a Raheny man and we’ve a male secretary :wink:


what gave it away :joy:?

don’t like bothering him about that that kind of stuff so I go through another.


If anyone has list could pm me too. Cheers


Daithí detective strikes again!


Heard you’s are getting a few O’Dwyers players


O’Dwyers lads to Monica’s?


Just seen list tonight,Parnells Hurlers rejected your transfer.


Did they reject all transfers @LiamMac


Could someone PM me the list if they have it thanks!