U20 Football Championship 2018


But but but ewans conveyer belt!!!

It’s hilarious how everyone says the money/conveyor belt/GDO etc but they don’t actually pay attention to underage results against our neighbours.

Funny how Kerry got so much better at minor recently since they copied the nutrition plans for seniors into them and use the centre of excellence all the time said the GAA media never.


Do you mean the €7.5m one in Farranfore or the €15m set up at IT Tralee?


Exactly. And the latter is entirely from public funds.


He was corner back at minor and U21. Although he was sort of a man marker in u21 final and was nearly operating as a no. 6. But I think the height thing would be exposed a bit in the corner.

I see one of the Cork goals last week was scored by isolating Murphy, who’s not that tall, one on one in the square.


Here’s a team sheet from the 10 point defeat to Meath two years ago:

Here’s a team sheet of yesterday’s 12 point victory over the same Meath side:

To me, it just seems to always be down to timing. The timing of the minor side from 2016 and 2017 coming together at their so called peak at this age group. All the successful years at u21 seem to be made up of two minor sides seamlessly mixing together to make up a stronger squad.


Cheers @Dub10 - that makes interesting reading


I actually think the Kerry minor success is down to the college teams. They have a rake of young lads playing a huge amount of football at a good standard at just the right time to peak for minor.

But I think it is very interesting that to date they have followed it at u21/u20. I think that colllege advantage levels out and other teams catch up.

Dublin have a shocking record at minor that is very hard to explain though


Is Nathan Doran related to Clontarf’s Martin Doran? Martin Doran was on the Dublin Minor team in 1987, I think. Played for Dublin seniors a few years later.


Not sure, know Marto pretty well. Didnt think he’d any ties with Clontarf for years though


Should have a decent run with Dublin at a time we were struggling for forwards. A goal v kildare in a league q final the highlight for him.


Micko’s first season with Kildare?


No 93 I think it was . That be micko s 3rd year.


Did he not leave for a year .? Dermot Earley was in for a bit


He did 2 stints you are correct.but he was still in charge in 93.


final next friday in tullamore


Is Kevin Callaghan injured?


Up to last year Kerry schools won 4 in a row Hogan Cups. Dingle won in 2014 & 2015.St Brendans Killarney won in 2016 & 2017.


I believe work commitments has kept him out of contention. He’s in the army/cadetship, was difficult trying to balance both. Chose to step away


If only we weren’t such warmongers …


Just noticed you said “league q final” and not “league final”.