U20 Football Championship 2018


Yeah it was a quarter final. We did play Kildare in the 91 league final which was Micko s first year.


Meath manager complaining about a lack of support from the county board. Several requests refused. 10-15 players refused a call up. How do you go from hammering Dublin two years ago to actively sabotaging your own chances two years later.

An investigative journalist might see something there worth looking at :wink:


That would require him doing some actual work instead of plucking stuff out of his arse


… more like.


Alan, alan, alan.

The great sage of south america has already decreed upon that. The reason why Meath and Kildare’s under 21/20 team lose to dublin is because all of the kids there are really Dubs. When they beat our minor team its because…hold on he is getting distracted by someone calling him a prick on twitter and he’ll get back to you on that sometime…


Kildare are 2016 minor champs, we are 2017, so they have an advantage in having the older winning team. They got through their side of the draw handily enough. This is very much a 50/50 game. Kildare will be on a bit of a (temporary) high also.

Have they lost any players to senior from the u20s?



Confirmed that Dubs U20 v Kildare is live on TG4 on Friday. Programme starts at 7.15pm


What’s the status on Ciaran Archer? He wasn’t in the 26 against Meath.


Drafted into the Senior panel for Super 8s and expected to be a surprise starter by some in the know


Nice April Fools Day joke.


No - genuine. Gavin a big fan.


Is there even a senior panel listed for the Super 8’s?


Yeah but it’s a secret. Some of us have it. Don’t you be worrying your head at 5 in the morning. Did you wake up with the worry?


I’ll have to here it from somebody else to believe it.


There might be… who wants to know?


I’d be interested but is that Archer rumor true or is Dub09 just pulling my chain?


Where did you get a copy of the matchday programme? I doubt they sell them in Connecticut and you hardly know anyone attending the game ?


Jeeze that’s the last time I partially leak sensitive info on this site if that’s the thanks I get. Better news about Cian though.


I’ll ask @DUB09

hey Dub09 are you pulling this lads chain?