U20 Football Championship 2018


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That sounds very rude @JJF. I am not in the habit of going around pulling anything belonging to anybody …


Hmm so you did.


Well thanks for clearing that up. I never doubted ya for a second.


Where is this conversation going :grin:. Anyway if you’re actually telling the truth I appreciate but you have made jokes in the past week about defunct Connecticut newspapers so I don’t know.


Yes. I have a reputation here in Ireland for making jokes about defunct Connecticut newspapers. I once walked into a bar (ouch) off Grafton St and heard one total stranger whisper to another ‘there’s the guy that makes jokes about defunct Connecticut newspapers.’


Seems like football James Madden is staying in GAA now.


Where did you see that?


Well he started against Meath. If he was going to Australia for a rookie contract he wouldn’t of played because of injury risk.


More like yanking his chain?


Have course he wouldn’t of.


James Madden the hurler or James Madden the footballer?


James Madden footballer. Someone needs to think of a better way to differentiate between the two.


Wasn’t selected


but I thought it was James Madden the hurler that had the trial?


Nope. The younger footballer was.


So what the fascination about dublin gaa? Do you post on other forums?


Why do people seem to have a problem with Ohm. He is doing nothing only posting in a discussion forum, the purpose of this site.


Theres a resistance to anything ohm says here


We are fascinated why a Connecticut Yankee who has never been to Ireland has such a fascination with king Jim s mighty boys in blue. But we love ohm he s kinda celebrity now around these parts.