U20 Football Championship 2018


How can he say they haven’t made it then???


Well, being honest, a lot haven’t!! Surely you can see that?? There certainly is time on the side of McHugh, Murchan etc so I personally wouldn’t be writing that bunch off!

I’m not criticising your club by the way, just in case it sounds like that. I’ve the height of respect for our neighbors!


No I know you’re not but it would take a very very special 19/20 year olds to just walk on to the greatest team to ever play the game. They’d be stars in most other counties - not so easy in Dublin - especially now.


I really don’t know who is supposed to have made it but didn’t? It’s not like NF have been setting the Dub Champo alight … yet …


They have at minor level for the last 3/4/5 years though.


Yep which makes them coming into Senior now. Let’s give them a little more time.


To be specific I’m referring about the last 10 years or so. Not only have Dublin not benefitted, neither have your Senior teams in terms of success.

As an aside, Jayo may have made it, it’s a pity he didn’t make it today to manage the county minor team in their shield game…a no show


Take it up with OPER …


What’s? You’re kidding. That’s shocking.


outrageous if he didn’t have a very very serious reason for not being there.


Strange to read that the keepers kick out technique was poor when you consider that one of the backroom team is Cluxtons ex goalkeeping coach. Actually on 2nd thoughts I am unsure if he is involved with the u20s but he would have coached the current keeper right up to and including last year’s minors.


View would be that there are very average players from that Club being selected on County teams, how many Dublin minors have they had over past 10 years, more than anyone else I reckon. Some of these guys will never cut it at senior, fact…


Guys, some of us have seen a lot of games and at many levels. I have seen (and am at the moment , Cork V Tyrone) Senior County footballers making mistakes . . . Let let these young lads develop and see what happens. Mól an óige agus tiocfaidh siad


Whose view would that be that you are hiding behind?How many more minor games have you attended over the last ten years than whatever management team was in place, for you to make that judgement ? Team didn’t go well yesterday so you use it as an excuse to have a go at one club and ,in your view, their unfair representation . I assume all the players came through the devolopment squads through the various years from U13 . These squads are overseen by coaches from many clubs in the county so I assume the players eventually chosen to represent the county are universally accepted . If you have evidence of favouritism by management let us all know, otherwise , support whatever team wears there the jersey and try and understand that players in this age group try their best. Sometimes it’s good enough, sometimes it’s not. A bit like life.


The lad has lots of anti NF form @simplegame - i wouldn’t be too arsed. He’s prob a good Div 10 player himself …


Drop the 0 there good man…


Arrogant enough I supppose.


What premiership team do you follow…


You like teams with a Keegan in them?


I suppose we better bow to your superior knowledge so