UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


What a ■■■■■■■ of a draw

Fookin Wales and Denmark again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


And O’Neill having just signed a new contract, and all?




Squad for the Turkey game

Very happy with that. Long the only outfield player over 30 in the squad


Welcome back, Séamus Coleman.


Irrespective of whether O’Neill is the right man to bring the new crop on, its a step in the right direction so good news.


Happy with that. Good few changes and new faces. Very happy to see Rice and Maguire start


Nice one , youth is the way …for friendlies it seems .


Hogan having a decent game so far


What channel is it on? I don’t want to stumble across it by mistake.


Best of luck to Séamie, that’s been a horrendous injury to deal with, brave lad.


Rice has had a superb game. Really looking forward to seeing more of him. Seems committed to Ireland too.


Badly needed . Hope for the future with him anyway .


Totally forgot this was on. Any decent performances?


No. Overall it was pish. McClean doin his clatter into everyone act, the instinct to hoof every ball is alive and well. Rice looked good but the rest were poor.


I was reading a review of the England game there that claimed Vardy never touched the ball once in his 22 minutes on the pitch…


Was he in the team or just there as a supporter?


I was reading a review of the Ireland game there that claimed McClean never controlled the ball once in his 90 minutes on the pitch…


Substitute 90 mins for in his career and you be still accurate.


Thats the irish sportsperson of the year you’re talking about! :sweat_smile: