UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification



The bond for his buddy 4 months previously was over €400k … you’d wonder …


Of course he will. Its a spineless association full of yes men. With a heap of overpaid full time employees.



Hiding money from his ex wife appears to be the reason according to the ybig forum.


Hmmm seems very un-ethical to say the least. Is this the straw that finally breaks the camels back


Against company law according to those who know these things.


Should also lead to a Taxman investigation.


For a director to loan money to his company? Im not on expert on Company law but broad stroke rule is there’s nk rule against lending money to a company. Different story if it was a case of him repaying a loan



I 'll bow to your opinion cause i have no knowledge of these things and merely repeating what the lads on the ybig forum were saying. What other reasons would cause Delaney to try stop the Sun times publish this. What’s he hiding?


Jack Byrne from Shams called into the squad in place of O’Dowda


Will JD be avoiding the FAI awards tonight? :joy:


Refusing to be interviewed by rte at the awards.



That’s what I’ve been trying to understand. What’s the real purpose behind the loan


If as a poster on ybig says it is an attempt by JD to conceal money due to his divorce case at the very least it does not portray him in an honorable light but that does nt seem to bother him. I ll imagine he ll ride this one out as usual.


The journalist who wrote the story is currently on Morning Ireland. I have no interest in soccer but it’s remarkable listening. Check it out on the RTÉ player. Should start around the 25 minute mark. The most interesting bit so far is that Delaney was actually told about the story fifteen days ago but chose to wait until Saturday to go to court. He was also looking for damages even though the story hadn’t been published. Not only did he lose he has to pay the costs of the paper.

This could get very interesting.


And as if by magic


An interesting listen indeed.He has essentially snookered himself with this business.