UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


That was a terrible night for the young lads. The referee was an absolute disgrace. Poor young lad must be distraught…


I wonder were the players and goalkeepers, especially, addressed on this before the shoot-out. I think I read somewhere that there is a new FIFA/UEFA directive to clamp down on goalkeepers moving off their line before penalty kicks being taken.


The yellow card rule was brought in last year.


And there’s been plenty of penos with movement from the goalie since then and not once did I ever see the keeper get booked


I agree, thats why I said earlier that technically the ref was right, but the problem lies in the fact that more times than not refs dont call for a retake, but once he did he had no choice but to give the card


But I think I heard that there is a new push from FIFA to introduce this rigorously.


What in the name of jaysus is Shay wearing


The Netherlands knocked England out last night in the semi-final - again in a penalty shoot-out.


Good to see consistency…

And I’m not talking about England being knocked out on penos :wink:


And the Netherlands win the final, on penalties. X


Roy :+1:


I’d say Gold just didn’t know, the craythur. Leave him off.


Well , this is all we need …


He can prob earn more as an England international and has more chance of qualifying for tournaments and getting knocked out in the quarters - than sticking with us


Hard to disagree with that . It’s just hard to stomach after his interview after the last game .
The honour of playing for ireland seems to be long gone if there’s a chance of playing for england



bit harsh from kev as the lad is 19.


Id say his head has been turned by an agent .
If he was genuinely dedicated in the first place to playing for ireland there wouldn’t even be a choice . There must have always been a glimmer of doubt .


Whatever happened that Grealish guy?


Jack WHO … :rofl: :rofl: