Sorry do you understand the principles of the gaa at all


I do indeed. It was only an observation after seeing him for one game & he obviously wanted to play a higher level going for the underdogs. That was all. Calm down guys.


What club is the from In Dublin that kept questioning galvin


Copper Face Jack’s? :wink:


Round Towers Lusk… he doesn’t come across great!!


Is he the guy who was saved last week -14?


Yeah… they were sending him home but he gave a last ditch speech! I am sure it was all for cameras!


Ah right - yeah I saw that last week. Three Dubs up for eviction … it’s like the All Stars … :wink:


Haha I did wonder had the anti dub bias reached underdogs :joy:


I’m not watching it but is he not from O’Dwyer’s?


That was the young 18 year old centre back. Different lad


Ah right, didn’t realize there was a lad from RTL as well on it.


Where’s the Dub keeper from?


Erins Isle. He was Dublin minor keeper around 06/07 and sub keeper on 2010 u21 AI winning team.


who are they going to be playing against in the end? looking at them they wouldn’t beat any
club in div 1 in dublin


Was wondering that myself.

Can’t find any mention of what team they are to play.

t shows how far Dublin have come that beating the original Underdogs was not by any means a certainty!

From admittedly little I’ve seen indeed they would not live ten minutes with a decent senior club side.


I heard they’re down to play a team with fellas from a mix of counties. I think it’s Vins.



Suits you sir!


Yeah, he’s one of ours alright!


Obviously not watching the show, but I know the chap you’re talking about, just can’t think of his name. Help please!