US Major League Baseball


Anyone here into US baseball? If so this may be of interest to you.


Will be going to that if I can get tickets. Very prestigious match up too. Being on when premier league is over will help keep costs down. Not everyday you get a chance to see Red Sox v Yankees.

Wonder what the tickets will cost, Yankees charge ridiculously high ticket prices for home games normally. Will they take a hit on ticket sales when they would clean up if this game was in NY?


Will it count as one home game each?
It holds about 10,000 more than Yankee Stadium and 20,000 more than Fenway. That SHOULD help keep prices somewhat modest?
Both teams currently going well. At this rate, (albeit that’s it’s only May), one of them could be defending World Series Champions next year.


I’ve been to a few NFL games in London and they usually designate a home team. One that I went to Kansas were the home side, they left Kansas flags on every seat to build the atmosphere and the announcer was OTT enthusiastic calling on Kansas offensive plays and barely muttered out the name of Detroit scorers, just like the setup would be if the game was in kansas.

I’d imagine they’ll do similar with this, each team gets a home game out of it. I think they also need to do it to distribute the gate takings as they would if the match was in the states. They’ll have all the other bells and whistles on it too I’d say. NY celeb or Yankees legend throwing the first pitch when NY are the home team etc…


What will the 7th inning stretch song be?

How about?


If Jacko was still alive he could have sung I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.


First Irish-born guy to play in MLB in 70 odd years is getting his game with the Mets.


Yea seen that. Interesting story about the parents leaving the north to get away from the violence. ESPN 30 for 30 will be all over this should the lad make it