Walk While You Can


Dunno if anyone was listening to Ryan Tubridy this morning but Fr Tony Coote was on. Tony is PP in Kilmacud-Mt Merrion and was once the main man in the Mun. You couldn’t meet a nicer bloke. Very shocked to hear he has been struck down by MND but true to form Tony turns it into a positive. Worth a listen back to RTE player and also have a look at the link and support if you can please. Cheers!



Never heard of him!


Surprised to hear that. Ask around - Tony was very popular there.


I’m sure he was. Not doubting you old bean! What church was he in, do you know? I got to know a lot of priests when asking them to do announcements etc at mass, but genuinely never heard of this lad. What era was he up here?


[whisper] Rochey was banned from the churches in the Mun when he caught robbing the copper off the roof. He was only allowed in the wooden church in the Nevin. [/whisper]


Ha! Deadly, ya mad yoke!


I’d guess 12 years? Think he helped run the soccer teams in the Comp too.


Not my cuppa tea so! I’m sure others have heard and dealt with him, just not me dude!


Rochey won’t even talk to the lads from Setanta never mind the soccer yobos!


Some of my best friends are

etc etc…


This walk is well under way now. Delighted to see Whelo helping out and I know Cian O’Sullivan is a big fan of Fr Tony.

If you can throw the cause a few bob please do.



Met Tony once, I know his brother Pat fairly well . He was a Neighbour of ours a few years ago before he fled to ballinteer.


Managed to do a leg down Limerick way and delighted to raise almost €1,800. Can’t bate the Irish for their generosity to charity and good causes! :+1:


Fair play chief :+1:


Fr Tony documentary on about the walk at 10.15 on RTE 1 - well worth tuning in to see that there are really good guys wearing the cloth too.


Brilliant show.


Do you remember Tony at all?


I met him a few times as I knew his brother fairly well. Tony s nephew Rian was in na fianna for a few years before they moved to ballinteer where he plays for B/ St. John’s I believe.


Facial recognition that’s all! A lovely man from what I just watched.


One of the best.