Walsh Cup 2018


So ball winning half forward line still a big issue?


Same i witnessed the last day. only 1 clean ball caught on that outing. Definitely to be worked on.


Did Cillian Costello play today? Is he a HF? From the little of seen of him he can handle himself.


THey said he started for danny on the radio, don’t know much about him tbh


The puckouts were so poor and short, it was not possible to blame the halfforwards. Connolly did not appear to do much whereas Paul Crummy who started wing forward was quite lively. That said, I see it as the big issue for us. If he plays a sweeper for the year, I’ll stop attending. Otherwise he needs to allow lads to hurl depending on what us in front of them, and he needs to get a halfforwards line that can win ball. In truth, all six forwards need to be able to win their own ball, dirty or otherwise. We cannot afford too many small skilful lads who need others to give them the ball.

Today was grand but it was against Antrim who are fairly poor. We will learn far more from challenge matches.


We were always going to beat Meath and Antrim no matter what team we put out. The lads who have played so far have ran up Big scores which is encouraging so far to see. It’s yesterdays games that are the worry as we conceded a lot but looking at that program today it’s all about seeing lads in competitive action. Most of them will be gone/on 21s panel come end of month. Great to see Grey, Whitely, Winters, Moore and Crummy giving good scoring accounts of themselves in these games. Good test for us next week VS the money train.



And Robbie Mahon, must have got 5/6 scores today.


11 players started both games. Lets not hear a mention of player welfare or burnout again.


Ye but Davy Fitzgerald, sorry Pat Gilroy is from Vincent’s so it’s all ok with some on here…


Presume semi be in Parnell on Sunday? 2pm?


Yep. Wexicans will bring a crowd so get there early


They only played a half of a challenge match yesterday, which was hardly at 100 miles an hour.


Did they not play another game vs Cork last night? Another half each?


They have trained very very hard up to now. Six/seven times a week I hear and more. Hopefully the science behind it all pays off.


No one seems to know who played in that. but we had no Danny, Whitley, forb today. Being rested?

If a match is at challenge pace it’s not that exhausting surely. Some people run a marathon every day for days on end.

I’m assuming they know what they’re doing.


Gilroy seems to be making an impression with supporters as there was a decent crowd in Parnell park today.


Thought Paddy Smith did well today. Costello and Grey did well enough in half forward line! Our 3 full forwards also played well! Young Alan Moore was probably MOTM The lad had bundles of energy through out the 70 mins. Some of Gary Maguire’s puck outs were way off the mark today particularly in the 1st half. Improved a bit after the break! But we know his standards are much higher! Good size crowd there which was nice to see!


I hope you are right about Moore. I had him marked down as an above average club player but wasn’t sure he was more then that. But Walsh cup seems to be going well for him.

On Maguire, we know he can pick the ball out well, we have seen it. I would assume they were attempting some new strategy am doing it wasn’t coming off.


Moore took his two goal chances well today anyway! You could well be right about some new strategy with Maguire’s puck outs! It was difficult to say if he was missing his targets Or was it a case of lads not reacting quick enough! Either way its an area that needs to improve!