Walsh Cup 2018


They also need to improve the PA system in Parnell Pk! It’s dreadful! Can’t blame Gary Maguire for that though! :slight_smile:


Bluedub, you are mad for the exclamation marks!


My humble apologies for that. I will do my best to improve. Ah feck it!!!


Are they playing 7 in the backs? If yes who’s the free man?


Is 27 considered young? :thinking:


27 is considered young when your 26! :grinning: I take it you are referring to Alan Moore? He certainly has the energy of a 20 year old. Or had yesterday anyway!


We didn’t play sweeper yesterday. Or at least not an obvious one. Defenders worked hard as a unit and covered across their lines for one another. But then again Antrim offered very little in attack apart from opening 10 mins! Once we settled into the game they retreated back into their shell. Interesting to see if we play a sweeper next week v Wexford! There is every chance we will.


Thought the ref was cat yesterday. Parnell is a tight pitch. Tackling chances and numbers are much higher than elsewhere. I thought he was over technical.


We seemed to concede a lot of frees?

11 of 17 Antrim’s scores came from frees.

Where were we conceding those? HB/ MF?


One of the match reports said that we conceded 21 frees

Daire Grey seems to be in good form got 2 points v Tipp and 3 v Antrim. What age is he now? 20-21?


Good. we need to be able to mix it up and drop a lad back when we need to but also to play 15 v 15 when we need to go for it.


Yea he was poor enough alright!


No playing six backs all holding there position, playing 4 in the half forward line with 2 inside in the full forward line.


Some were never freed at all! But others were stupid frees. Putting hand in players back for example. Might have been a case of young lads were over anxious to impress.


Danny didn’t play at all, Costello played 10 from the start.
Moore was my man of the match…took his goals well and looked lively all day. Him and Winters done well I thought
Full back line done well. Nice and tidy and considering Hendricken and Smyth are still u21 bodes well for both.
Kelly at 6 too done well.
There was a serious issue with puckouts yesterday. First six in the game were won by Antrim and things didn’t really get much better after that. Not sure if down to poor strikes from Maguire or lads in Half forward line unable to win ball (in fairness Costello and Crummey were very lively but are not huge aerial ball winners).
We seemed to be trying a tactic with half forwards and Corner forward (Mahon) all standing in centre of pitch and running out to meet puckouts which were aimed to the wings…if that was the case it still needs work but at least they’re trying things and the Walsh Cup is place to do it I suppose.
Decent crowd there too and certainly a positive vibe about the whole thing which is good to see after all the negativity the past couple of years


Agreed. Very fussy alright. Hope he’s not doing next weeks game which should be a little more ‘contested’


“Contested” Very well put! :joy: Bring it on Davy.


From yesterday game there was some good performances, Alan more, Robbie Mahon, Daire grey, winters just to name a few, half back line was solid enough for me both corner backs were the best players for Dublin paddy Smyth and Cian hendrick very strong and good in possession, it’s good to see these lads getting chances all who started and came on these lads are all fighting for positions and to get onto the panel a lot of lads still to come back in to contention 10/15 players in and around that. So far so good looking forward to Sunday now hopefully another big crowd there getting behind the lads because they are putting in one hell of an effort.


20 this year


Hendricken was excellent I thjought