Walsh Cup 2018


He’s a big unit for 20.

I think he’s only going to get better too from playing at this level and also at a higher championship level with his club. He’s a good man to win puck outs which we need.


Wexford play a sweeper so if we play one as well it will mean 7 backs on 5 forwards at both ends, should make for a classic…


would like to see us going with a straight 15 and see how we go against the sweeper. Mahon and Gray well able to take scores from out the field yesterday. With Danny to possibly come in next week we could have the shooters to negate the sweeper.


Takes after his old man!! :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think Gilroy is a practical man on the line and will only use a sweeper if our backs are getting cleaned out on the day! Ger Cunningham had one plan that only he knew what that was and he never deviated from it. I think we will start out 15 v 15 next week and adjust as needs must during the course of the game. That’s good by me!


Hope so, we need to be flexible. Team for the weekend will be very interesting. Will he go for the lads who are on form so far or keep trying people out.


Is Matthew Oliver (Na Fianna) on the panel ?


… and is Mark Maguire (Judes) on the panel?? He was a handy forward when i last saw him play. Albeit a while ago.


I think for this one he needs to go for lads in form. It might well be viewed (by both sides) as a chance to put down a marker for May 20th. I know we will have some Cuala lads back then along with guys recovering from injuries etc. But Sunday might have a bit of an edge to it! That’s not a bad thing either because Gilroy will get a chance to see how we react to that type of situation. The two Walsh Cup games along with a few challenge games played so far have not presented that sort of challenge.


Good stuff. Seems to be in good form. Dublin u21s this year will be strong enough.


Last I heard, Matthew was studying in Scotland. I was involved with a squad a few years ago and he and Alex Considine were in my opinion, the most dangerous forwards on it. Hope he gets back hurling.


He was good alright. Thanks for the info Iomaint


Will there be anyway to watch the Wexford match? (Living in Hong Kong)

I know through the Meath official GAA app you can watch their O’Byrne cup games, have we or Wexford anything similar ?


We don’t. I doubt Wexford do either.


That’s Meath for you with all their unfair advantages! :slightly_smiling_face:


Meath are not allowed show Championship games before the 9 o’clock watershed … because they are usually horror shows …


Well, it is their All-Ireland these days…


Split Meath in two!


I have no issue with a sweeper one way or the other, I never think where lads stand on a pitch is a matter of huge importance. From a tactical perspective I always think it is thought of in too rigid a way though. I actually think the concept is outdated anyway or at least the notion of thinking of it as a sweeper probably is. No team has six backs back when they are attacking, let alone 7 - so the reality is that most teams playing a sweeper are actually only playing a +1. So if the opposing team have 3 forwards up, they have four backs etc.

Also the concept of being a forward short when playing a +1 at the back, only really applies on the first phase of ball played in (assuming it is played in and not carried in), once the attacking team has the ball they are joined by team mates.

The other issue I have with the popular perception of a sweeper is the notion that it has to be a forward that is bought back, it doesn’t, a midfielder could do it just as well and he could even join the attacking play from time to time, coming late to create an extra man. I have long thought actually the ideal place for Crummy to play was at midfield, but spending most of it just behind the half back line.

But my basic point is that apart from the above, there are loads of ways to get extra defensive cover without doing a ‘Waterford’ on it. But probably the best way to do it is do what the footballers do, scare the opposition so much with an attacking threat that they are all playing with a +1 or even a +2, which by default is giving Dublin the same advantage (we are the only team credited with playing a sweeper, O Sullivan, without actually bringing anyone else back on a permanent basis)


I would agree with what you are suggesting here Wifi! It’s more or less what I was saying above. Gilroy will adapt as a game progresses. (or we hope he would) Doing a “Waterford” on it is way to predicable for sure. Having a system in place where say 3 players rotate in dropping back to help the defence would be harder for the opposition to police than your standard “Waterford” sweeper. Either way to have a 7th defender standing permanently between your full back and half back line is inviting trouble! At least against the top sides.