Walsh Cup 2018


Is it 2pm Sunday?? The wexicans will travel so I’d be expecting a decent crowd. No OByrne cup will see a few more Dubs supporters maybe. Davy being Davy, it could be a bit of craic this one.


No not dogs on sale in Parnell last Sunday! Shop had been relocated to under the stand, down at the far end. What is the world coming to?


Yea 2pm start!



Offaly really putting it to KK. Only point in it with 8 to go.


Sh1t. Was that on the radio?


Wow Offaly have taken over KK this year would never have seen that coming.


Kilkenny won 1-20 to 3-11 … calm down everybody. As you were …


Offaly clearly improving! Dublin should enter NHL first round on 27th. with caution. I know there are 3 levels of intensity Walsh Cup NHL and Championship. But we don’t want to be dropping points before playing Limerick or Galway!


Erm … possibly reading too much into walsh cup?


You are absolutely correct! But all it would take is a few key Dublin players to think going into this game on 27th “ah sure it’s only Offaly “ I’m not saying it will happen. Just be cautious is all!


We hear ya @Bluedub … but sure it’s only Offaly …



Gone for about as strong as we have available currently


Think grey and Mahon can feel hard done by from there performances last week, but a good team out all the same.


Interested to see how Kelly gets on, I’ve seen Ciaran’s move him up the field when needed and he’s well able to hurl. Connolly at MF too is intriguing. Expect the bench to be well utilised too


Expect they’ll both come on at some stage.




Good luck to lads today. Would be great to send a message to Davy etc despite the competition.


Davy doesn’t need a message from us. He’ll make a mess of things himself. Second year syndrome and all that!