Walsh Cup 2018


McBride on in place



Lot going on with Winters & Wexford full back. Wexford full back should be gone after last foul. 2 bad misses by Winters from frees.


Great to hear Winters is getting on plenty of ball. Has the height.
Sounds like the defense is solid and tight too.
Good enough first half by all accounts.



Yellow for winters and Burke on the Free’s now.


HT… 3 pts up


Winters got yellow card for being held in a head lock by the full back as he tried to get out for a ball. Bizarre decision!


Danny is 10


He deliberately stuck his head in the fullbacks armpit?


Is that covered in the rule book? :grinning:



Close to where we’re sitting the ref told the Wexford full back he was on his ‘last chance’ after 10 mins! About 4 chances later he’s still in the pitch!


One of them probably won’t finish the game.


Burke got that last free from MF did he?


Yeah. Great strike. Winters had done really well On frees until last couple missed


Sounds like overall we’re going well, anyone at the game confirm? Moore sounds dangerous in possession going by radio reports


Yep. He got the last two frees.

Hope winters keeps the head, no matter what the provocation.


Agree re Winters. Although no harm to see our forwards stand up for themselves and mix it when required. Has to be within reason though


Defending well forcing Wexford to shoot from distance. They’ve missed a few. Doing reasonably well with limited possession.