Walsh Cup 2018


Yeah going well, still struggling to win ball particularly in FF line at times. Ref has made some bizarre decisions and doing his best to slow the game down (particularly on Wexford puckouts - which has actually helped us). So far looking solid at the back. C Crummy and Connolly both going well. Half forward line has been decent in glimpses


Liam Ryan, Wex fullback is fouling Winters all day.


Also we as a team definitely have been practicing a certain type of tackle. A lot of players wrapping the free arm and getting the first hit with that. Whole teams workrate very good



Good breeze helping Wexford this half.

Started 2nd half ok though have given assay couple of silly frees



Whitely going well. Good to see him have the confidence to go for the goal even though the pass potentially was the better option.




Winters off. Wexford looking for rows at every opportunity.


Game on

Real test now


Already been a good run out no matter the result as it will mean more to Davy etc. and the rubbish he spouts. Good to hear the young players from Dublin are doing well. Another good game vs KK would help.


Wex on a roll now.


They’ve scored 1-07 without reply now


WE’ve gone from 5 ahead to 3 down since the red


Wheels have come off big time


Last score in 44 min, concede 1-9 from then, sending off obviously a turning point, when on a yellow don’t give the ref a reason to show you the line.


Still haven’t scored since the sending off 20 minutes ago


winters sent off?


WE can only have run out of steam as well?


In 45th minute, second yellow