Walsh Cup 2018


The red deserved ye? I couldn’t see it from the other end… I thought we done well. Young McBride came on and played well.
Kelly gave away a few needless balls but overall was decent, as was O’Caroll
Whitley put in some shift.
Happy with what I seen today, legs in midfield and half back lime seemed to go.

Jesus the ref had a mare.


It was a definite yellow card nothing more. You have to be careful when on a yellow. Winters wasn’t and got the line. No big deal but we get some amount of lads sent off for two yellows. Has to be sorted.


That’s the older McBride, he’s 28/29.
Wasn’t a bad first half, very poor in the 2nd.
A couple of good club hurlers just aren’t up to county standard. The sooner the 9/10 injured lads and 6/7 Cuala lads are back the better.


Going well until the sending off when we were 5 points ahead, but we were very poor for last 25 and only scored again in 73rd minute.
Plenty of room for improvement but no lack of effort…
We will need to bring back in some of the experienced lads as we were quite headless for that period of Wexford dominance…


Don’t forget that this is year 2 of their journey and month 2 of ours. Nothing to panic about right now. Players being looked for and chances been given. It’s all good methinks.


Lumping a high ball into one forward being marked by 2 defenders seldom works. But we did that a lot after we went down to 14 men. Should have worked it short under the circumstances! But it will surly be a learning curve.


Winters was on a yellow and got sent off on a second yellow.
As Bart has always harped on, our lack of threat up front was very obvious today I thought our inside forward line were poor today and half forwards weren’t great either. 4 points from play in the first half and I think 3 in the second half, one of them from McCaffery from midfield.


Not sure on the 2nd yellow either…but the 1st looked a terrible decision.


As outlined above, the game hinged on the sending off. Having the extra man played into Wexford’s hands but Dublin’s failure to put up any kind of resistance was somewhat alarming.

On the other hand, it seems that anyone who performed with any degree of competence in the club championship is being given a fair crack of the whip. Games like this offer a genuine bench mark against which these guys can be measured. Truth is, some of those on show today can now be removed from the list of possibles/probables as they lack either the legs, the hands or the head to cut it at the level Dublin aspire to.

That said, Fergal Whiteley looks a real prospect. An engine-room player with an eye for goal.


As an aside, Kerry beating Cork by 10 points… in hurling…


Clearification please! If a player goes to pick up the ball slips to his knees then his opponent steps across his back preventing him from getting back up. This is surly a free? Ref today clearly did not think so!


Has Ger Cunningham taken over cork? :joy:


The ref was awful.


I was very encouraged by that. Sure it all went wrong after the sending off (and a little bit of that is because when the game was obviously over for Dublin they rightly threw on lads to give them a game).

The object of pre season stuff is to find players (or to find out players), and it was very successful for that. Connolly had a very good Walsh Cup, likewise Kelly and O Carroll. Others we knew about like Whitely and Hendricken did their cause no harm at all. The guys you would be expect to be on the team performed well (Chris Crummy is just an unbelievable hurler).

Yes, it all went horribly wrong after the sending off. Some of it was fitness maybe and some was poor decision making on the ball and management should also have done something more. If they had replaced Winters with Dillon at half time we would have won, and maybe won easily. But this is one game, stuff like that isn’t important at this time of year except as a learning tool.

I thought the skill level from both teams was really really good for January and I was delighted our lads could perform at that level. The majority of these guys won’t be on the A team, but they showed we have strength in depth.

Danny had some really good touches, but was blowing hard after every time he got involved in the play. But he will be fine in a month or two.

I am just undecided about Burke. I am 100% sure he will be a star, but I am just not sure if he is physically up to it yet. He won very little ball all day, and then midway through the second half he soared up and caught a high ball and laid it off beautifully. Probably come summer time he will be better. Whitely did very well, but he is more effective then he looks. I think determination gets him through some situations rather then sublime skill - but I guess it’s not important how it works out, once it works out.

The performance of McCaffery and Nolan again just highlights the insanity of the Cunningham era.

On the ref - he gets some criticism above, but I thought he was more or less spot on every time. There were only maybe 2 times when I didn’t see what he saw, and that is maybe just because I didn’t see it. The Winters sending off was correct, definitely two yellow card offenses. Maybe the full back could have went also, but in general he was playing it cleverer then Winters - if I was to bet at half time which one of them would go (I said at half time one of them would), I would have slightly favored Winters as the one to walk.


The ref told WInters it was for repeated fouling. It was Winters third time holding the full back and fouling him. I think the ref was correct. For the last of the three instances, the full back turned around and caught hold of Winters and was pulling him off of him, and it could have looked like the free should have been the other way. But the initial foul was definitely Winters. I was in a direct line with the tussle and with ref and I could see the ref looking at the pair of them and waiting on a foul to occur and Winters duly obliged him.


How do you work out that the Wexford full back might have gone? He definitely should have gone after pulling Winters down in first half when already on a yellow. Winters will learn but he was hard done by based on what had gone on before.


Davy was pretty magnanimous on the radio there. Saying he didn’t think the margin was a fair reflection & that he’s not looking forward to playing us in may as he knows we’re missing a lot more then they were today.


I think that was a foul by the full back, but it probably wasn’t a yellow. Maybe he could have gone for the original yellow card foul (as in it might have been red), but that would have been harsh.

But the pair of them were tussling all day, and it was difficult for the ref, but honestly, I thought he was as correct as he could have been given a lot of stuff was off the ball. If Winters had won more ball, he would have got the full back sent off, but the full back (slightly) got the better of him so was more in control of the situation then Winters was.


Excellent points on Nolan and Dillon coming on at ht. Its a ‘hurling decision’ like that I hope we are not caught out on in the business end of year. Nolan by the far the best of our three gks imo. Danny will need a few months to come back to himself but if anyone can he can. Any updates on Rush and his training?


surely if Winters had to go, then the Wexford full back liam Ryan should have walked in first half, Dublin just faded after sending off, our shooting was awful in second half, their long range point scoring improved greatly that was the difference, i think we will be a work in progress. Offaly on Jan 27. We have a dream.