Walsh Cup 2018


I see Cody let the mask slip today. We might see more of that this year.


Cody’s mask has slipped consistently over the years.


Correct. Cody and Dempsey have always been “very emotional” on the line but the refs and linesmen didn"t have the bottle to take action.


And neither do the GAA.


Absolutely correct. It’s all about context. Cody has had success so he can intimidate and ignore referees. If another manager refused to comply with a referee’s instruction, there would be uproar.


Dermo, albeit as a player, is not short of success yet doesn’t get the same leeway (no pun intended) as Cody.


Dermo is a Dub.


Remember Tommy Carr’s incursion into the pitch in Thurles? You’d think he had shot the ref, with the commentary afterwards. The likes of Cody and Davy have proved that if you do it constantly, you get away with it, depending on who you are.


In fairness Davy did get a ban in recent times!


EIr sport, who are showing a lot of old games at the moment (and god, wasn’t the standard of hurling crap in the past, anything pre the mid 80’s looks like junior hurling), showed the 2013 Leinster final yesterday. It was very interesting to see again. A few things stood out for me

  • Keaney is a hurling god!
  • Paul Ryan is vastly under rated by many.
  • If we get Kelly back to even 50% of what he was, he will be some player.
  • Rushe is hugely unorthodox, but however he does it, it works.

But the one thing that stood out most for me was Sutcliffe. He gets unfairly judged due to, what for me, are false perceptions. He was relatively quiet in this game, and if I remember rightly he wasn’t our best forward in either of the preceding Kilkenny games either. He scored a great goal in the replay against Kilkenny and was going well in the game, but he wasn’t the marauding force that he can be. The best county game I ever saw Sutcliffe play was the second half of the Waterford QF the following year. So the idea often mentioned that he faded a bit since 2013 is more perception then reality in my opinion.

If he goes out this year and has quiet games and then a few decent games, I can well see the view as something like, ‘he is showing flashes of what he was, but he can’t do it all the time’ etc. The truth is he never did it all the time, practically no hurler under the age of 25 does. It takes them time to develop the mental side to get right for every game. Sutcliffe’s best days are ahead of him I am sure, and he needs a bit of understanding to be allowed get there.


Brilliant day, few and far between unfortunetely but jaysus I enjoyed that one.


It was a year with a number of brilliant days. Being in Portlaoise to see us beat KK was special. The semi final v Cork could have and should have been one of the great great days! We had Cork by the throat in the second half before O’Dwyers sending off. Think we would have had serious chance in final if we had got through. That year was our chance! Hard to know how long before the next one comes along.


O’Dwyer cost us that day his ridiculous 2nd yellow.

First one was very soft but to go and get a 2nd yellow for that was pure stupid.

Haven’t forgiven him since :cry:


He should never have been given two yellows. He was very hard done by. Wexford referee. QED.


Ryan had an exceptional year in 2013. One of the first points he got against Kilkenny in the replay from an acute angle was top class and set the tone that day.