Walsh Cup 2019


Draw was this evening:


Daft stuff. We likely get at least four games. Wex, Galway and KK get no more than two and maybe only one.

The GAA really does baffle at times.


It really does. Though I doubt the 3 big guns have any interest in it. Didn’t Wexford pull out of it one of the years? Anyway I know it takes place probably too early in the season even for us, but its atleast a chance for more game time for some of our younger less established players to get some game time, albeit against weaker opposition, assuming colleges doesn’t get in the way?


Davy probably want to train.

Being that it’s his third year it’ll all go pear shaped. That’s the usual thing with him.


They’d already lost a bit of the lustre of the previous year this summer.


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