Weather thread


I have to admire the well behaved nature of the weather this summer. It was rained, like clockwork, every friday evening here for the past three weeks, then nothing for the rest of the week. There was a bit of misty drizzle yesterday at midday which gave me the excuse to watch the end of the lemans 24 hours.
Now i am hearing a dry warm week follwed by a hot dry weekend.

thumbs up from me.


It’s the least we deserve after that bàstard of a winter


yep. was doing some sweeping up around the house and said to my son how a few months ago we were shovelling ourselves out because of the snow


I sometimes get a mental image of you, living in rural bliss - just like Charles Ingles in The Little House on the Prairie… but then I remember that you’re in Tipperary.


its fine when i dont have to interact with people.



Harsh man, harsh. Speak not ill, any man nor woman, who hasn’t set eyes on the glory that is Slievenamon in the glow of the rising sun (from the back seat of a JJ Kavanagh’s red-eye service between Clonmel and Mullinahone).


south tipp. wankers.


An orange forest fire warning :open_mouth: what next?!!

A blue ice cream shortage warning?


You’ll never guess where I found myself last Saturday evening.

It exists. It actually exists. Like some shining, Shangri La paradise, glimmering in the glorious gloaming…

Lady saw me taking the pic & asked if I was from the local Tidy Towns committee. :crazy_face:


It’s St John’s Eve which is a night when bonfires were lit back in the day. Some still do.


Christ man … you need to move back … ASAP


They were lit to ward off blight and to have a big piss up after the hay was saved. The only reason now is the piss up!


BTW almost midnight and the sky is still fairly bright!

Think tonight is the latest sunset of the year.

Actually it’s Monday!


Nights are closing in though …


No, the mornings are.


Mullinavat is not just a place , its a piece of mind :wink:


:rofl: :heart_eyes:

:+1: :clap:

I fell like a mull in a hone after seeing that!


There is no peace of mind in Mullinavat.


All good for the next 6 days at least, with high pressure, clear skies and plenty of warmth, and sometimes hot! A chance of a thundery breakdown next weekend but nothing set in stone yet, in fact after day 6 it’s rather uncertain!


You read that on the Met Eireann website you bleeding chancer.