Weather thread


What a day and week ahead :sunglasses:

Pity work gets in the way


Went for a run earlier the tar was melting at half ten, cracks in the roads too. They put new tarmac on a road and running over it was like going through a sauna.

I’ll be hoping for the regular Friday evening thunder storm for my lawns otheriwse the hose will be out next Saturday.

Now for the farming forecast - the cattle will be parched and they can drink about 30 litres of water day each (there’s 16 of them lol) and their our problem this week lol.


Smashing day , pints in the beer garden all the sweeter :sunglasses:


They’re mad for that down here as well, i thought there’d be a terrorist attack the first time i was in the city for it, seemed like the whole place was on fire.


yep, 67 calls out for the cork fire brgade for bonfires on saturday


Hah! I actually only ever use their site for the radar service, not much use these days!

So continuing dry, warm and at times hot for the rest of this working week but next weekend, maybe Sunday, we see moisture and humidity increase with the chance of thunderstorms, this most likely will herald a cooler and wetter regime for a time (Tuesday/Wednesday) but after that, signs we could return to high pressure dominated weather, but that’s way too far out for any confidence.

Saw a stat that was very interesting (for a nerd like me) that May and June both had over 250 hours of sunshine and that’s the first time that’s happened in over 20 years. Good summer so far! Deserved after that extended winter!!!


after the crappiest spring i can remember this must be the nicest summer we’ve had in some time.


And long may it continue! Didn’t even mind sitting in traffic, window down radio on. Lovely!


Im sporting a lovely farmers tan ATM :joy:


I haven’t left the house yet, but doesn’t look great out there. Are we getting the cooler air by the sea so it’s not as nice here as more inland?


Think its to be better later…Skerries must be hopping in this weather!!!


its boiling in the midlands - left Aldi with the air con and the heat outside walloped me. not complaining, its great!


Not sure to be honest, haven’t really been out around the town much. Barely left the house yesterday after Sunday which I was in town all day for. Had a BBQ Saturday night but was out in one of the less popular pubs but that was very quite. The harbour will always be busy with nice weather


Went to woodies to buy myself a sun lounger yesterday for the few days I’m off work, sold out. Not just there, everywhere it seems :tired_face:


last night out the back, air was so warm the moon looked fuzzy


The Midlands? :crazy_face: :thinking: :crazy_face:

Have you moved?


not in the last 15 years lol


that what George Michael was singing about


I take it back what I said earlier. It’s baking out there now! Will enjoy me points before Roger W!


I know car temps readings are not accurate but mine said 32 degrees most of yesterday afternoon and evening!