Weather thread


Isn’t that nearly 90 degrees in old money?

Bring it ON baby !!!

:sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:


apparently! and even hotter today.


29 degrees in Kilkenny so must be hotting 30, maybe 31 in some places. That’s official, in the shade.


there’s only one thing for it…


That cat is hearing this song in his head. We need more of bill. Lovely day out there and I’m stuck in a poxy office.


32 degrees recorded at Shannon Airport today. Highest recorded temperature in Ireland since 1976 :open_mouth:


This Global Warming is great craic altogether !


Excellent. Gonna pack the kids in the car and the deck chairs and buckets and spades and head straight to Shannon Airport!


I wish I had the confidence to wear a summer dress.


Until he tries to get up and leaves half his pelt stick to the thing.


Frock on Tommy! :grinning:


More like Fright for the right to Party.


Person in my area with a weather station recorded 32c at 8pm yesterday. It felt it too it was oppressively hot. Same today. That 32 has been hit easily here all week I’d say, maybe more.


I recorded 29.8 in my garden, a full 1.5 degrees above the neatest station official to met E. There is always a local bias.


My brother recorded 34.5 this afternoon. He is on holidays in Spain.


I recorded 38.9 in the sauna last night in the gym. Couldn’t believe it! :grin:


Is that near Trim?


It was 19 degrees at midnight last night, as per Met Eireann.


I recorded Tony Fenton’s hotline off the radio.


I was going to post similar but thought Rochey would get narky, you know him.